Jul 232014

Dr. Oz July 23, 2014 Recap – Cheap Cellulite Solutions

Did you miss today’s Dr. Oz July 23, 2014 show?  If show, here are the summaries and links to the show recaps :

Cheap Cellulite Solutions – Cellulite seems like it is just impossible to get rid of…  All of the creams that you see in stores and beauty salons are usually pretty expensive… Fortunately there are some cheap solutions that can help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite… Find out how to reduce cellulite by the foods you eat so you can win the battle from the inside.  Dr. Oz talks about how much water you should be drinking to reduce “skin dimples” as well as why “dry brushing” can help to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation.  Dr. Oz also shares foods that you should eat, such as tomato paste and flaxseed to boost your collagen levels.

Cellulite Solutions, Tomato Paste and Flaxseed Boost Collagen

Cellulite Seaweed Mask and Scrub Recipe

seaweed cellulite mask, seaweed cellulite scrub

Seaweed Cellulite Scrub and Mask Recipes

Seaweek masks and scrubs are another cheap solution to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Dr. Oz talks about how seaweed can stimulate your circulation in the deep layers of your skin… This helps your body to release toxins in the deeper layers of your skin..  The seaweed mask and scrub recipe also exfoliates your skin.  Dr. Oz shares all of the ingredients that you need and it only takes a few steps.

Cellulite Seaweed Scrub and Mask Recipe

Why You Over Eat and Plate Portion Control

Have you ever overate and then 20 minutes later your miserable.  You feel like your going to explode, you feel guilty about overindulging… Maybe you blew your diet that you worked so hard on to lose weight?  Dr. Oz talks about the science of why people overeat and he shares tips on portion control so you can be more in control of your food intake and help to prevent overeating in the future.

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Jul 222014

Dr. Oz Talks About An Ancient Chinese Sleep Remedy Called Qigong

Do you often have trouble sleeping but you do not want to resort to taking sleeping pills every time you have a bout of insomnia?  Today (July 22, 2014) Dr. Oz talked about a sleep exercise technique callee Qigong and how it can help to reduce your stress while improving your sleep.

How To Perform Qigong Sleep Exercises

qigong, qigong sleep exercises

Ancient Chinese Sleep Remedy Promotes Calm and Eases stress

Dr. Oz said that if you practice Qigong exercises is wont be long till you are sleeping better and more peacefully at night.  Qigong sleep exercises are a technique that calms and soothes the body and mind.

Dr. Oz invited Karl Romain (Qigong teacher) to come on to the show to share with the audience and viewers of how (and why) Quigong works.  Karl said that Quigong will reduce your stress so you can sleep calmly and peacefully through the night.

How To Perform Qigong Sleep Exercises :

    1. Sit down in a chair.  Gently grab your knees with your hands.
    2. Slowly take in a deep breath and then slowly exhale whil relaxy your body forward.  As you are exhaling make a “shway” sound.  You will notice that this sound creates a vibration that allows you to release stored up energy that is preventing you from sleeping.  Do this step again.
    3. Anxiety also keeps you from sleeping as most are well aware.  You can ease your anxiety by placing your fingers below the ribs on your left side at the location where your stomach and spleen.  Slowly take in a full breath and then exhale while applying some pressure with your hands below your left rib cage.  When you are exhaling make a “whooo” sound as if wind was blowing.  Do this step twice.
    4. Another Quigong exercise to sooth your stress is to inhale deeply with your arms raised straight up over your head.  Exhale while letting out a “sheeee” sound and allowing your arms to come down in front of you.

Karl Romain explained to Dr. Oz that Qigong is a sleeping technique that can be performed each night that you are having trouble sleeping.. It will ease your state and allow you to drift to sleep calmly which will promote a night of sound and restful sleep.

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Jul 212014

Dr. Oz Shares Apple Cider Remedies For Bug Bites, Sunburns, Sore Throats and as a Food Deodorizer

Dr. Oz has talked about Apple Cider Vinegar many times, but today he talks about ACV with a new twist.  He shared how you can use apple cider vinegar to treat bug bites, ease the pain of sunburns, deodorize the feet.

Quick and easy apple cider vinegar recipes can help to treat :

  • Suppress your appetite..  Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drink..  Your appetite will be suppressed and you will naturally eat less.
  • Apply to a big bite
  • Treat the pain associated with a sunburn.
  • Drink 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to help treat a migraine headache.

How To Treat Dandruff Using ACV

apple cider vinegar remedies, apple cider vinegar sore throat remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedies

Recipe of how to treat dandruff by making a spray :

  1. Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 of water and add to a spray bottle.
  2. After you have shampooed your hair apply to your scalp.
  3. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then rinse out the ACV from your hair
  4. Do this treatment twice a week.

Remedy To Treat A Sore Throat

Ingredients and what you need to do :

  • 3 tbsp of honey
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp of cayenne pepper
  • Warm water
  • Mix all of the ingredients listed and drink.  This should help soothe (and treat) your sore throat.

How To Deodorize Your Feet

Do you suffer from stinky feet?  While it may be an embarrassing problem, it is also a very common problem that people have.. Fortunately, with apple cider vinegars help you can greatly reduce your foot odor and here is the recipe that will do just that :

  1. Pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into a resealable bag.  Add in some baby wipes to the ACV in the bag.
  2. Allow to soak overnight.
  3. Wipe the insides of your shoes as well as your feet with the apple cider vinegar soaked baby wipes.

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Jul 212014

Dr. Oz Talks About “Metabolism Death” Foods That Kill Your Metabolism

Sometimes it just seems impossible to lose weight regardless of what your eating.. It becomes disheartening and many people give up on their diet because they just can’t seem to lose the weight.  It could be that you are eating foods that lower your metabolism and inhibiting your body’s ability to burn fat. Today (July 21, 2014) Dr. Oz talked about some very unsuspecting foods that could be killing your metabolism and keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals!

Foods That Ruin Your Metabolism and Why Butter Is Better Than Canola Oil

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Josh Axe on to the show to talk about why certain foods can lower your metabolism and cause problems in your body.  Dr. Axe called them “metabolism death foods”.  These types of foods can inhibit your bodies ability to burn fat, cause body inflammation, and lower your metabolism.  Here are the tips that he shared on the show :

  1. You can ruin your metabolism by eating too much whole grains, because these foods contain gluten.  Instead of whole grains, use coconut flour instead.
  2. Peanut butter is associated with food allergies.  Instead of peanut butter, consider using almond butter instead.
  3. Canola oil has partially hydrogenated fats in it and causes body inflammation.  Instead of canola oil, consider using pastured or grass fed butter.  You will boost your metabolism and burn fat.  Belly fat in particular!

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Jul 212014

Dr. Oz Shared A “Longevity Checklist” On How To Live To Be 100 – Why Naps, Sleeping More and Walnuts Help

If you knew that you could live to be 100 years old would you want to?  On Dr. Oz’s all new July 21, 2014 episode he talks about the importance of being able live to be 100 but to reach that age in a healthy way to where you can still enjoy all that life has to offer.  During the opening segment Dr. Oz shares his longevity list and explains why Vitamin D, taking 10 minute naps, sleeping more at night and eating healthy foods like walnuts can help you to live to be 100!  Here are the segment recaps of the show :

Taking a 10 Minute Nap Reduces Your Life and Can Extend Your Life

naps help you live longer, longevity tips

Dr. Oz talks about how naps can help to live longer and shares tips on how to live to be 100!

Dr. Oz said that if you are going to live to be 100, it’s more about how you are feeling and getting there in while still maintaining your health.  Here are the tips and types of food to help you achieve longevity :

  • Purple foods are “brain food”.  Have one type of purple food at every meal to help increase your brains longevity because if you are going to live to be 100 you want to be healthy mentally as well as physically.  Purple food options include blueberries, grapes, beets, blackberries, red wine, and pomegranate.
  • As we get older we lose muscle in our thighs.  This creates balance issues and can lead to falls.  Every morning you should balance on one leg for each leg to help improve your balance while strengthening your thigh muscles at the same time.  Dr. Oz suggested standing on one leg and balancing for 10 seconds.  Do this for each leg.  3 repetitions for each leg.
  • Take a 10 minute nap each day to lower your stress.. Lowering your stress will help to keep your heart healthy.  Dr. Oz said that he also takes about a 10 minute each day.  He suggested that you should take your nap approximately 7 hours after you wake up.

Omega 3′s In Walnuts Help To Increase Longevity

Dr. Oz spoke with Dan Beauttner about some of his favorite tips for a long life and healthy longevity… His tips were :

  • Stop eating with you are 80 percent full.  He said that there have been some studies performed that eating less can actually slow down the aging process.
  • Walnuts are high in Omega-3′s.  Eating 7 walnuts each day will help to keep your heart healthy and promote longevity.

Sleeping More Reduces Your risk of Stroke

Many people live their lives while be sleep deficient most of the time.  This can increase your risk of having a stroke.  Dr. Oz suggests :

  • Going to bed an hour earlier each night..  This can help you live to 100 and improve your chances of longevity because it helps to lower your blood pressure.  This will reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
  • Laughing boosts your immunity by as much as 20 percent.
  • Making love can also promote longevity and help you to feel and look younger.

Vitamin D Supplements

Take a 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D each day to lower your risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer.  Many people are deficient in Vitamin D, especially in areas and/or during seasons when they aren’t exposed to very much sunlight.

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Jul 142014

Dr. Oz Talks With Dr. Howard Sobel About The Vanquish Fat Melting Machine – Too Good To Be True?

A machine that will just melt your fat away and it never comes back.. Sounds like it would only be possible in some sort of a science fiction movie right?  On today’s (July 14) show Dr. Oz invited Dr. Howard Sobel to talk about a new machine that is out that claims to do just that.. Is it too good to be true?  They talk about how it works and how much each session would cost a patient who wanted to melt their fat away.

Vanquish Fat Melting Device

vanquish fat melting device, fat melting machine

The Vanquish Fat Melting Device

Dr. Howard Sobel said that the Vanquish Fat Melting Machine works by heating up the fat cells in your body.  This melts the fat cells permanently never to return!  Is their any pain involved?  Dr. Sobel said that the device never even touches your skin. It uses radiofrequency waves and does not hurt.  He explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that the Vanquish Fat Melting Device is especially helpful for melting away belly fat.  It is most effective on fat cells around the midsection.   He said that the device is FDA approved and is most suitable for people who are wanting to remove 1 to 2 inches around their waistline.

How Long Does The Treatment Take and How Much Is The Cost?

Dr. Sobel said that the procedure takes about 30 minutes in length and you will need about 4 treatments performed.  Each sesson costs several hundred dollars depending on your location.

Dr. Oz invited two women on to the show who has had this fat melting procedure before and they both said that they are happy with the results and they would certainly recommend it to anyone who can afford the treatments.

Would you consider having this treatment performed if it meant long lasting fat loss?

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Jul 142014

Dr. Oz July 14, 2014 : Devil’s Claw Back Pain Supplement, Comfrey Compress Remedy

If you have ever experienced back pain, you know your world can literally come to a complete stop.  Even every day tasks become so painful and problematic when your are experiencing back pain.  Getting up out of bed is a task that most of us take for granted….Until, you have experienced excruciating back pain that is!  On today’s July 14 2014 episode Dr. Oz talked about how the supplement called Devils Claw can help many people with back pain and how a Comfrey Compress remedy can give fantastic results for those who are experiencing pain.

Comfrey Compress Ointment

comfrey compress, natural back pain remedies

Comfrey Compress and Devils Claw – Natural Back Pain Remedies.

Dr. Oz said that you can find all natural relief for back pain in as little as 60 seconds.  Here are two of the “quick fix” remedies that he shared during today’s show :

Comfrey Compress – This herbal ointment is nothing new.  In fact, it has been around for ages.  This doesn’t change the fact that it is a tried and true method that really does work!  All you need to do is apply come of the Comfrey Compress Ointment to a cheesecloth and apply it to the areas where you are experiencing pain.  the Comfrey Compress ointment is a back pain treatment that will reduce swelling and provide instant relief!.

Devils Claw Supplement Reduces Inflammation

Devils Claw – This anti-inflammatory herbal supplement helps to reduce the inflammation that is contributing to your back pain.  Take 100 MG of Devils Claw a day.

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Jul 142014

Dr. Oz July 14 2014

Show topics : On July 14 Dr. Oz will be talking about tips to help you defy your age and look younger.  He will be sharing natural hair remedies that are are affordable and really do work.  Find out how to make your hair softer bring back the shine and youthful look.

Defy Your Age and Take Years Of Your Appearance

While we surely can’t stop the aging process there are tips to slow down the clock and natural remedies that will make you look many years younger.  Dr. Oz will be sharing some of his favorite natural tips that can benefit anyone who would like to look younger and give yourself a confidence boost.

Fountain Of Youth Secrets Found In Your Kitchen

Dr. Oz will be revealing natural remedies that you may have in your house or are inexpensive to obtain.  He will be sharing quick and easy tips to reduce wrinkles and improve the your skin’s elasticity and glow.  Be sure to set your DVR’s for July 14th, or come back to see all of the show segment recaps and summaires.

All Natural Hair Remedies

Your hair changes as you age.  You may notice that it becomes dry and loses the bounce that it once had.  Fortunately there are natural hair remedies and tips to improve it’s texture and elasticity for a softer and silky head of hair.  Dr. Oz will be inviting hair stylists on to show to share some of the latest and greatest tips to bring back the shine to your hair.

Now that summer is hear and we are out enjoying all of the summer time fun, these tips will be great for taking care of your hair.  The sun, swimming in pools, hair colorings, can all damage your hair over time.  So, be sure to tune in the the Dr. Oz June 14, 2014 episode to find out how to restore your hair, while improving it’s health and appearance.

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Jul 092014

Dr. Oz Talks About Health Gadgets and Morning Breakfast Mood Boosters

Today (July 9, 2014) Dr. Oz did a segment talking about kitchen gadgets for a more convenient and healthier life.  One of the gadgets Dr. Oz spoke about was called the GEFU Spiral Cutter and how you can turn all of your favorite vegetables in a spaghetti style dish.  Dr. Oz also talks about how the foods that can boost your food in the morning and lift your serotonin levels throughout the day.  Here are the segment recaps that were discussed on today’s 7-09-2014 episode :

The GEFU Spiral Slicer – When you are on a diet do you find that it’s too hard to give up pasta..  Your not giving up the carbs, you are also missing out on the comfort of the pasta texture that you associate with spaghetti.  The GEFU Spiral Slicer allows you to turn your favorite vegetables into spaghetti noodles but in a much healthier way that will satisfy your pasta cravings while helping you to live healthier with a trimmer waistline at the same time.

Vitamin B6 Increases Serotonin Levels

mood boosting foods, walnuts boost mood, walnuts have omega 3's

Walnuts Help Boost Your Food From Their Omega 3′s.

Having a breakfast rich in Vitamin B6 boosts your Serotonin (the “feel good” hormone).  Breakfast foods that you can eat that are high in B6 are whole grain breads or English muffins.  Spread some avocado on the bread for taste and also added Vitamin B6.

Eat Oatmeal For Breakfast To Combat Depression

Many people start their day off by grabbing some fruit.  Dr. Oz said that if you only eat fruit for breakfast you are likely not getting enough magnesium.  It has been shown that magnesium deficiencies can lead to depression.  So, consider having some oatmeal for breakfast because it contains high amounts of magnesium which will help fight depression.

Omega 3′s Found In Walnuts Boost Your Mood

Do you find that you are often moody despite your best efforts?  Dr. Oz recommends increasing your intake of Omega 3′s for breakfast to boost your mood.  Try adding some sliced walnuts to your Greek Yogurt to receive mood boosting (as well as other health benefits) Omega 3′s.

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Jul 092014

July 9, 2014 : Fast Metabolism Diet, Detoxes, Yeast Infection Cures

On July 9, 2014 Dr. Oz talks about “The Fast Metabolism Diet” and how you can rev up your body’s internal engine to burn extra calories and fat around the clock.

Boost Your Metabolism The Natural Way

Dr. Oz invited Halie Pomroy (nutritionist) on to the show (author of The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook) on to his 7-09-2014 program to talk about how you can turbocharge your metabolism 24/7.  Your metabolism can be your biggest ally or your greatest enemy when you are trying to lose weight.  Haylie Pomroy explains why there is no need to be afraid to eat because of fear that you are going to gain weight.  As long as you eat the foods that boost your metabolism naturally you can lose weight painlessly and without starving yourself!  Dr. Oz and Haylie share tips on how to confuse your body to keep your metabolism boosted all throughout the day so you will burn extra calories and fat without an inordinate amount of effort.

Fast Metabolism Diet Tips To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

All Natural One Hour Detoxes – Ginger, Oil Pulling, Dandelion Natural Cleanses

Ginger Detox – Over time toxins build up in your digestive system.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary on to the show to talk about how doing a Ginger detox is an all natural way to improve your digestion and help clear toxins out of your digestive tract.  The recipe calls for just 3 common ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen.

Dandelion Liver Detox – Did you know that dandelion greens are an excellent tonic for your liver?

Oil pulling mouth detox – Have you ever heard of oil pulling before?  It’s a practice that has been used for centuries and helps to detox your mouth.  Dr. Oz and Dr. Chaudhary talk about how to perform oil pulling to help cleanse your body for better health.  Read the full episode segement :Ginger, Dandelion Greens, Oil Pulling Detox Recipes

Natural Yeast Infection Cures – Garlic, Kefir Milk

Also featured on the July 9, 2014 episode features a segment on all natural yeast infection cures and why foods can trigger a yeast infection from happening in the first place.  Dr. Oz performs a demonstration on what is happening inside the body when you have a yeast infection and how Kefir Milk and garlic are two tried and tested natural cures to help combat these very irritating infections.

Kefir Milk, Garlic Natural Yeast Infection Cures

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