2017 Medical Breakthroughs, Cholesterol Inhibitors, Mini Pacemaker Heart

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2017 will likely go down as a year with many historic medical breakthroughs that cover such a wide array of health ailments such as torn ACL’s, elevated LDL, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and women with libido problems. ¬†We have scoured the web and came up with our favorite 2017 Medical Breakthroughs that may be in the headlines this year!

2017 Medical Breakthroughs For Heart Disease, High Cholesterol and much More

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High “Bad” LDL Cholesterol May Become A Thing Of The Past

High Cholesterol is a very common health problem for both men and women. ¬†Fortunately, “PCSK9” inhibitors may be on the way in 2017! ¬†So, what are PCSK9 inhibitors might you ask? ¬†PCSK9 is a cholesterol creating gene in the body. ¬†People who have participated in this study have dropped their bad LDL cholesterol in half, nearly 50%! ¬†This medical breakthrough provides profound hope for a significant reduction in heart disease and heart attacks in the future.

Interested in learning more about this 2017 medical breakthrough.  Read about how the FDA has approved PCSK9 Inhibitors for LDL High Cholesterol in patients.

The Mini Pacemaker 725 Patient Study

Pacemakers have been around for years, but having Pacemaker surgery can be quite an invasive medical surgical procedure. ¬†People who receive “regular” pacemakers also run the risk of the wires becoming infected, which can create some serious complications. ¬†The good news is that the FDA is expected to approve a “Mini Pacemaker” in the first half of 2017 that will not require ANY wires, thus greatly reducing the chances of infection. ¬†That in itself, is a significant breakthrough that will ease the mind of many heart patients who are expecting to have a Pacemaker implanted. ¬†Another exciting breakthrough about the Mini Pacemaker is that no surgery is even required! ¬†The Mini Pacemaker is implanted through the femoral vein in the leg using a catheter. ¬†Exciting news indeed! While we all hope to never need a pacemaker, the possibility is there and it’s highly likely that most of us know someone who already has one!

Addyi РThe FDA Approved Drug For Female Libido Is Expected To Availalable With Pharmaceutical Versions by End of 2017

You can’t turn on the television without seeing an ad for medications for men’s libido. ¬†However, the options for low sex drive for women is very limited. ¬†While, Addyi was FDA approved in 2015, pharmaceutical companies were not making it available because they didn’t have their own version of the drug. ¬†By the endo of 2017 every pharmaceutical company will have their own version so nearly every woman who suffers from low libido will have an option to turn to. ¬†Ask your doctor about ADDyi (pronounced ADD-ee) if you would like more information about new options available in 2017 for the medication.

(CAR) T-Cell Immunotherapies for Certain Types of Cancer Like Luekemia and Lymphoma

The “Big C” word that nobody likes to even talk about because it affects us all. Car T-Cell therapy has been very exciting over the past few years. ¬†So exciting that the survival rate for kids that have suffered from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (aka as ALL) has a +85% success rate. ¬†In 2017, with modification breakthroughs the survival rate is expected to climb even higher. ¬†In 2017 FDA approval (pending) is expected for chimeric antigen receptor CAR T-Cell therapy will be made available and some cancer centers across the U.S.

What is Car T-Cell Therapy?

Considering that I am not a medical doctor, I will just give a layman’s explanation. ¬†Car T-Cell therapy is when white blood cells called T-Cell are extracted from a patient, treated at a laboratory and then returned to the patient. ¬†These modified cells use immunotherapy to attack the cancer cells and the trials that have taken place have proven to be very successful. ¬†The exceptionally high percentage rate of complete remission is very exciting.

What types of cancer does Car T-Cell Immunotherapy Target?

The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society notes that currently CAR T-cell therapy has been successfully used to treat multiple myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and some types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) cancers.

These are our top 2017 medical breakthroughs that are poised to benefit millions of people who suffer from these ailments or diseases.  Are you familiar with any breakthrough technology that will benefit the medical community?  Please share with us and leave a comment!  Thanks and God bless.