Doctors Secrets Revealed on Dr Oz, Vitamin P, ER Code Language, ETOH

Doctors Secrets Revealed on Dr. Oz!  Find Out What They Really Mean In The Emergency Room

Have you ever been sitting in the doctors office or in the emergency room and you overheard two doctors talking about a patient?  Have you ever just been curious about the white doctors lab coats that they often wear?  Today, Dr. Oz revealed some very interesting secrets that you may want to check out!

Have You Ever Heard A Doctor Say Vitamin P?

dr oz, code language, vitamin p

Doctors Secrets – What Are They Really Saying. ER Code Language on Dr. Oz

If you have ever overheard a doctor saying “Vitamin P” they aren’t actually talking about supplement or nutritional deficiency!  Vitamin P is the term that doctors will use when they believe that a patient is actually coming in to the office or ER to get a subscription of Percocet because they are addicted to the pill rather than legitimately needing it for the pain.

What’s With The Lab Coat?

Have you ever wondered about a doctor’s lab coat?  Have you ever noticed that they are often different lengths? Is it just a particular style that they prefer is there more to it?  In fact the length of a Dr.’s lab coat does mean something!  The length determines the rank.  The shorter the lab coat the lower the rank.  For instance, when you are a medical student you are given the shortest lab coat.  A highly ranked doctor will have knee length lab coats.

Doctors Secret Code Language

Have you ever heard doctors speaking with the medical staff using terminolgy that you aren’t familiar with?  There is actually a code language that many use to be able to talk freely around patients without revealing what they are saying.  Here is some E.R. code language terminology that you likely did not know about.

  • ETOH – This terminolgy is used for the totally wasted individual that comes in to the ER.  ETOH is code language that means “Extremely Trashed Or Hammered”
  • Bounce – Back  – When patients keep returning to the office for the same thing, frequently very soon after they are released.
  • Latrogenic – This is a term that you probably don’t want to hear when it’s about you!  It means A disease or condition that resulted from a doctors mistake.

How You List Your Symptoms In The E.R. Can Get You To See The Doctor More Quickly

You can be seen more quickly if you list the more serious of symptoms first.  For example if chest pains or breathing problems are a symptom that you are experience you should list those symptoms first.   These symptoms can be life threatening and those patients would take priority over patients with less serious symptoms.