Does Dr Oz Support HCG, Do Injections Work? Safe Weight Loss or Not?

Dr. Oz Weighs In on “Do HCG Injections Work and Are They Right For You?”

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Dr Oz Talks About HCG Injections On His Show

Have you tried every weight loss method imaginable and your still can’t seem to shed those pounds.  You may have heard of the controversial HCG shots but always wondered if they were right for you.  On February 6, 2013 Dr. Oz tackles this issue to help you decide if you should give HCG injections a shot.  Dr. Oz will talk about the safety concerns involved with HCG and even if the shots have been proven to be effective.  If you have seen Dr. Oz on a regular basis you realize that he usually doesn’t jump on board with diet plan that is too extreme or where you drop huge amounts of weight too fast.  It will be interesting to see if Dr. Oz supports HCG shots as being a viable method for men and women who need to lose weight but haven’t had luck using any other method.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the topics that were discussed on this controversial episode :


February 6, 2013 Main Topic : Do HCG Shots Work and Is This A Safe Method To Lose Weight Quickly?

Dr. Oz is going to bring on some of the most well respected physicians in medicine to discuss this topic and to decide if it’s safe and practical for people to try.  Not only is Dr. Oz going to bring on medical professionals but he is also going to share the stage with women who have tried HCG.  They will be giving their testimonies on how HCG has changed their lives for better or worse and what their opinion is on using HCG as an effective and safe weight loss method.

A “Pro HCG” doctor will be on the show who says that the research backs up this method of weight loss to not only lose weight quickly, but to keep it off as well.  What will Dr. Oz’s response and conclusion be?  Be sure to be glued to your televisions so you won’t miss this controversial and highly anticipated episode.  If you won’t be able to tune in to the show on television you can also Like “Fans of Dr Oz” to receive show summaries and recaps to find out what Dr. Oz said about this subject as well as summaries of all the health topics that were discussed throughout the show.  You can also chime in on this subject about what you think about HCG.  Share your opinions or even your real life testimonies on this quick weight loss method.  Do the injections work or is it the strict calorie restriction that is really causing the rapid weight loss?