Dr. Oz, #1 Diet For 3 Yrs (Dash Diet), Lose Weight & Lower Cholesterol

Dr. Oz Talks About the #1 Diet For 3 Years Straight To Lose Weight & Lower Cholesterol

New diets come out of the woodwork like the changing of the weather. How do you know which diets work, or which ones will just leave you feeling frustrated and hungry without seeing any results?  Most diets make outlandish claims about quick and easy weight loss, but do any of them actually deliver what they promise?  On tomorrow’s program Dr. Oz is going to talk about the #1 diet for the last three years in a row, The Dash Diet.  The Dash Diet has been show to help you lose weight while lowering your cholesterol at the same time.  It doesn’t promise instant results but has delivered long term sustained weight loss.  Be sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz February 19th show to learn about The Dash Diet and see if this is the diet that you can stick with for the long term.

The Dash Diet has been voted to be the #1 diet 3 years in a row for multiple reasons.  Not only does it help you lose weight, it helps to lower your cholesterol and can even lower your risk for cancer!  The Dash Diet is a simple program to follow.  You won’t have your calculators out counting calories and setting your timer for every time your allowed to consume any food.  This is a diet that Dr. Oz loves for it’s success as being a long term answer for weight loss.  Tune in to the Dr. Oz 2-19-2013 episode to view all of the secrets behind the diet that has helped countless men and women achieve all of their weight loss goals while lowering cholesterol and their risk for cancer at the same time!

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that featured guidelines about the DASH Diet and Wives Tales Myths :

Health Related Wives’ Tales – Urban Legend Or Fact?

There are many health related wives tales that people still swear by today.. Which are in fact true and which one are myths?  Dr. Oz is going to delve in to this subject to talk about some of the most popular health related wives tales of all time.  Tune in to find out which wives tales are debunked and which ones may actually have some validity to them!

Guests to be appearing on the Dr. Oz February 19, 2013 Show :

  • Dr. Caroline Apovian, Dr. Adam Glasglow, Marla Heller, Dr. Roshini Raj, Kristin Kirkpatrick, Rodney Cutler,  Dr. Nancy Simpkins, Dr. Timothy Chase, Dr. Tara Margarella, Dr. Michael Roizen, Sari Greaves, Jillian Michaels, Lori Benson, Seval Oz, and Sue Serio

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