Dr Oz, 10 Heart Disease Risks Women Should Know, Casserole Cookoff

Dr. Oz October 2, 2013 Topics : 10 Heart Disease Risks and Prevention, Casserole Cookoff & Prancercise

dr. oz, women's heart disease prevention, womens heart disease treatment

Dr. Oz talks about the 10 things women should know about heart disease.

The first half of Dr. Oz’s October 2, 2013 show will deal with a serious topic that often goes overlook…. Women’s and heart disease.  Many people associate heart disease as an affliction that mostly affects men.. This is not the case at all.  Dr. Oz will be talking about 10 things every woman should know about heart disease.  He will also be talking about risk factors, the latest red flags, and the newest treatments available.  Dr. Oz often talks about the importance of prevention so be sure to tune in to the show to see how you can reduce your chances of heart disease so you and your loved ones can live life to the fullest each and every day.

Update : Here is one of the episodes on heart disease prevention : laughing, having a cocktail, aspirin, sleeping, and more.

A Casserole Cookoff

During the second half of the show be prepared for some delicious (and healthy) casserole.  With the season well underway and the temperatures outside beginning to cool down, a delicious cassserole sounds like a delicious way to invite in the fall season.  However, casseroles can also be be high in fat and calories.  Dr. Oz will be inviting guests on to the show to share their lower fat and calorie casserole recipes so you can divulge in delicious meals for your family but in a much healthier fashion.

The show has been aired and here is the Mexican Tortilla and Sunday Morning Sausage Casserole that was shared on Dr. Oz.


You may have seen one of the prancercise videos that have been viewed by millions of people.  If not, you may be wondering “What in the world is Prancercise?”  Prancercise is springy and rhythmic way of exercising while moving forward and prancing in a similar fashion to a horse.  Is “Prancercising” a legitimate way of getting in your exercise each week?  Be sure to tune in to Dr. Oz’s October 2, 2013 show to find out what he has to say about Prancercise and if he will give a personal demonstration live on his show!

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