Dr Oz, 10 Minute Meditation n Calming Technique, Lower Blood Pressure

Dr Oz Talks about Meditation Health Benefits, The 10 Minute Technique

There a proven ways to calm your mood and ease your stress that doesn’t require prescription drugs or any other form of over the counter medications.  Learning how to connect the mind, body, and soul through meditation is a wonderful way to ease stress and promote deep relaxation..  Here is the meditation health benefits, the 10 minute technique, and “how to meditate” segments that were featured on today’s (October 10) Dr. Oz show.

10 Minute Meditation Technique

Dr. Oz said that meditation can provide considerable health benefits like lower blood pressure and reduced stress.  Many people have experienced health benefits from meditation but don’t keep practicing because they get so busy.  Dr. Oz invited a guest on to the show named “Andy Puddicombe” who says that all you need to do is set aside 10 minutes per day to experience the relaxation benefits of meditation.

Here are the 10 minute meditation techniques and tips that were given during today’s episode :

    1. Make room for 10 minutes each day to meditate
    2. Download the “Headspace meditation” app or set a timer.  You can also set a timer.
    3. Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed
    4. While sitting up straight relax your hands on your lap
    5. Inhale deeply through your nose and out through your mouth while closing your eyes slowly
    6. Take a mental note on how each part of your body feels from your head to toe.

Don’t try to change how you feel.  Just focus your attention on what feels comfortable and what does not.

Note : You can view the full meditation video on the official Dr. Oz website.

Calming Technique To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz said that the power of your mind is very powerful and can work as well as medications at lowering your blood pressure.  The secret is to learn how to tune in to your mind body and soul.  On the show they invited three guests to demonstrate how you can lower your blood pressure using the calming technique.  The three women watched separate videos.  Some of the videos were very relaxing and calming in nature. The other video was rather unnerving and anxietal. After watching one of the videos that was intended to increase their anxiety did the trick.  One woman’s blood pressure was up high enough that Dr. Oz would recommend blood lowering medication if it was always in that state. However, when she watched a calming video her blood pressure went back down and she felt much more relaxed.  When you learn how powerful your mind is, you can use it to put yourself in to a state of ease and relaxation.  Your blood pressure will be lower and your stress will be significantly reduced.

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