Dr Oz, 15 Minutes To Fulfillment, Personal Growth Mantra, 3 Step Plan

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Dr. Oz Talks With Tony Robbins About His Weight Loss Success Story and 3 Step Motivational Plan For Personal Growth

Dr. Oz invited one of the most inspirational speakers in the world on the the show, Tony Robbins, to talk about his personal struggles and how he has overcome obstacles in his life.  Tony Robbins talks candidly about a tumor on his pituitary gland that caused him to grow at a rapid pace during high school and how he learned that through overcoming obstacles you can help others who are going through similar struggles in life.

Tony Robbins 3 Step Personal Breakthrough Plan

Tony Robbins explained to Dr. Oz that anyone can improve their health by following a 3 step personal breakthrough plan.  He said that you can find your “breakthrough” in just a moment’s time.  He said that you may have been struggling with a problem for many years but the “breakthrough” can come at any moment.  Here is Tony Robbins three step plan to help you find your breakthrough :

  1. Creating a strategy – Look for someone who has found success in the same area that you have been struggling with.  Let them be your guide to help you find success in the same area.
  2. Change your story – Each one of us has their own “story” that keeps us from making positive change.  Some people may believe that they are too big boned to achieve weight loss for instance.  Whatever your story is, you should change it in a positive way to help you overcome the obstacles keeping your from the success that you seek.
  3. Change your state of mind – You must change your state of mind in order to make the changes that you need to make.  How you feel about yourself both psychologically and emotionally plays a critical roll.  Tony Robbins said that you need to change the way you carry yourself because “motion is created by emotion”..

How A Woman Lost 100 LBs By Listening To Tony Robbins

Dr. Oz spoke with a woman out of the audience about how listening to motivational speaking tips by Tony Robbins has transformed her life.  She told Dr. Oz that she was overweight and emotionally wasn’t in the right frame of mind.  After listening to Tony she has lost 100 lbs in only a years time!  Tony’s teachings can indeed help you lose weight, but they can help you to improve all other areas of your life as well.

Dr. Oz 15 Minutes To Fulfillment

Tony Robbins said that you should practice his “15 minutes to fulfillment” everyday.  Here are the 3 step plan to find fulfillment that he gave on today’s show.

Step #1 – Take a 5 minute walk or run to wake up your brain in the morning

Step #2 – Take inventory – Start a “gratitude” journal.  Each day write down 5 things that you are grateful for in your life.

Step #3 – Visualize the positive – Spend 5 minutes envisioning what you want to achieve and how you want your day to unfold. Visualize what you want to accomplish and how your positive actions can help to impact your children.Tony Robbins Mantra For Positive ChangeOne of the greatest aspect about Tony’s seminars that Dr. Oz loves is that he challenges you.  He helps you to process things internally so you can make healthy changes in your life, and this includes your physical health as well!  Here is the mantra that Tony Robbins shared on today’s episode :“All I need is within me now” – Repeat this mantra to yourself again and again for several minutes each day.  In time you will begin to believe your mantra and positive changes (and personal growth) will take place.

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