Dr Oz, 2 Tier Microwave Steamer, Squeez’ems (squeezable food bottle)

Dr. Oz and Syndicated Columnist Danny Seo Talk About Cheap Kitchen Gadgets – 2 Tier Microwave, Salad Emulstir, and Squeez’ems

Today’s “pedal to the metal” lifestyle has left many moms and dads scrambling for a breather.  There is simply not enough hours and minutes during the course of the day it seems to raise a family.  This is why Dr. Oz invited Danny Seo on to the show to share some cheap kitchen gadgets that will help make your life just a little bit easier while maintaining (or improving) the healthy lifestyle that you desire.

2 Tier Microwave Steamer Allows You To Cook Quick and Easy Healthy Meals

2 tier microwave steamer, squeez'ems, salad emulstir mixer

Cheap Kitchen Gadgets – 2 Tier Microwave Steamer, Squeez’ems, and The Salad Emulstir

When you are “on the go” it’s hard to keep your family fed while maintaining a healthy diet for all of your loved ones.  The 2 tier microwave steamer solves this problem without dirtying up a lot of dishes and utensils.  You don’t even have to turn on your stove or oven to cook healthy well rounded meals in mere minutes!

  1. On the bottom layer of the 2 tier steamer add herbs and broth (or you can use water)
  2. Add a protein food source like salmon for example on the next layer
  3. On the top layer add veggies
  4. Cook in the microwave until done and enjoy

Read customer reviews about the 2 Tier Microwave Steamer – This valuable and CHEAP kitchen gadget can be purchased in the 10 dollar range.

Salad Dressing Emulstir

Making homemade salad dressing can be incredibly satisfying and delicious.  The Salad Dressing Emulstir allows you to store your salad dressing in a convenient way.  The best part is that it has a built in emulsifier to mix all of the ingredients up evenly without having to open up the bottle, use extra utensils, and ultimately making a mess.  The Emulstir bottle also has recipes and a measurement scale printed on the bottle.

Read reviews from customers who purchased “The Emulstir


Parents with young children always seem to be pressed for time.  Picking up the kids, appointments, work, etc… leaves little time for preparing healthy meals for the kiddos.  “Squeez’Ems” are just what the name suggests.  They are squeezable food bottles that kids love.  They can be reused again and again.  The are BPA free, are easy to clean, and only cost approximately 10 bucks.  Read unbiased reviews for Squeez’Ems and see if they may be right a time saving kitchen gadget worth having.

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