Dr Oz, 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss, Foods To Avoid, Step by Step Plan

Dr. Oz’s Step by Step Two Week Plan For Rapid Weight Loss Without Willpower

Today is January 6th, 2015 and New Years Resolutions are well underway.. If weight loss is one of your resolutions, today’s Dr. Oz show was definitely for you.  Today’s ALL NEW episode kicked off the 2014 season with a “Rapid 2 Week Weight Loss” guide to help you lose quickly and easily.. No willpower is needed with this plan!  Dr. Oz also said that if you participate in his step by step two week plan you will not only lose weight, but you will feel much healthier as well.

Dr. Oz’s Audience Lost Over 1000 Pounds Combined

All (or most) of the viewers in today’s Dr. Oz’s audience participated in his Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet and the results were very encouraging to say the least.  They lost over 1000 lbs in just 2 weeks and the vast consensus from the audience is that their overall health and well being has increased greatly as well.  One woman shared her success story by saying that she now feels more clarity in her life and her confidence has increased.

Dr. Oz said that losing weight is just one beneficial aspect of his two week rapid weight loss diet plan.  He said that his diet will also help to prevent or even fight illness. Type 2 Diabetes included!  One of the best parts is that you can receive all of these benefits without willpower.  The reason is you do not need willpower is because you will be removing the foods that deceive you into wanting more.

Step By Step Weight Loss Guide

Dr. Oz said that you will lose weight fast if you follow his step by step diet guide.  In two weeks you will feel better and you will have lost a significant amount of weight.

Step by step plan and foods to avoid

  • Eliminate Foods Making You Sick and Fat – Dr. Oz said that step #1 is the most difficult one but it is important for the success of his plan.  He said that you should even eliminate wheat from your diet.  One woman shared her testimony on the show by saying that she now see things much more clearly.  She also revealed that she lost 16 pounds in only two weeks on this diet!
  • Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners – Dr.Oz said that those pink, yellow, and blue artificial sweetener packets that so many people use are doing more harm than good and should be avoided.  He said that they do not help you lose weight.  In fact, Dr. Oz said that people who regularly use artificial sweeteners increase their waist size by 70 percent!
  • Eliminate all sugar and alcohol from your diet – Dr. Oz spoke to another woman about this particular step.  She said that the first few days were hard because of the sugar cravings.  After the withdrawal period she felt great and no longer craved sugar!
  • Eliminate coffee – Dr. Oz said that for many people this is the hardest step to make.  He said that black coffee by itself isn’t bad for you, but most people add sugar to their coffee.  He also mentioned that coffee is a trigger for unhealthy foods which will make this 2 week weight loss plan harder.
  • Eliminate dairy – Avoid Dairy because it causes inflammation in the body.  Inflammation can lead to various health ailments.

Now you know which foods that you should avoid, here is Dr. Oz’s list of foods to eat while on the two week diet.

The general consensus from the audience is that they had to give up a lot during this two week diet, but in the end it was worth it because of all the benefits to their health that they experienced.

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