Dr Oz 21 Day Book, Flat Tummy Tips, Ginger + Maple, Red Quinoa

Dr. Oz invited Liz Vaccariello (author of 21 Day Tummy) To Share Flat Tummy Tips – Ginger + Maple, Red Quinoa

Dr. Oz has dedicated the entire month of January to helping you to get started off in 2014 in healthy way and to help you meet all of your New Years resolutions you may have made for yourself.  During this segment, Dr. Oz spoke with Liz Vaccariello about her book “21 Day Tummy” book and shared tips on how you can achieve a flatter tummy in only 3 weeks!

Trim Your Belly Fat in 21 Days

Liz, auther of 21-Day Tummy, is also the editor and chief of the Readers Digest!  she ex inwhat is missing in most diets that are out there is “skinny gut bacteria”..  She said that this skinny gut bacteria is the secret weapon that can help you to achieve that flat tummy that you remember or have always wanted.  She said that the good bacteria in your health not only gives you a flatter tummy, but it improves your overall health as well.  When yo don’t have enough good bacteria in your belly it causes body inflammation and all sorts of related health issues.

Red Quinoa and “Tummy Trifecta”

Lis said that her “tummy trifecta” plan is simple and is effective at slimming your belly.  The tummy trifecta consists of three ingredients that will grow the “skinny bacteria” in your stomach which will improve your health and flatten your tummy.  Here are the three ingredients that she gave on today’s (January 8, 2014) episode :

Magnesium – An all natural way to get a big boost of magnesium is to eat a tbsp of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds with your breakfast meal.  She said that you can also add a 400 mg magnesium supplement (but talk to your doctor first) to your daily regime.  She said that magnesium helps because it nourishes the “good” skinny bacteria in your belly.

Eat foods low on the “Fodmaps” for your lunch and dinner meals – Fodmaps are rapidly fermentable carbs, or basically “fast food” for your belly.  She recommends eating foods that are high in fiber like brown rice and red quinoa.  She said that red quinoa has a sweeter taste than regular quinoa.  If you have tried quinoa in the past but didn’t think it had enough flavor, try some red quinoa!

Eat MUFAS – What are “MUFAS”??  It stands for Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids.  Liz Vaccariello explained to Dr. Oz that MUFAS reduce body inflammation and helps to melt away belly fat.  Examples of MUFAS she gave were :

  • 1 ounce of dark chocolate
  • 1/4 cup of olives
  • Guacamole

Ginger Water Will Trim Your Belly

Liz gave one more tip to help flatten your stomach.  She said that ginger is excellent and promoting healthy digestion, improving the balance of good stomach bacteria and lowering inflammation in your body.  Here is the Ginger and Maple Elixir that she gave on the show :

  1. In three cups of hot water, steep 6 slices of peeled ginger
  2. Add 2 tsp of maple syrup and slowly drink throughout the day

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