Dr Oz, 3 Day All Liquid Body Cleanse for Body Type, Clean Gut Book

Dr. Oz Talks About The 3 Day All Liquid Body Cleanse with Dr. Alejandro Junger (Author of Clean Gut)

Detox cleanses are a trending way to transform your health and to release harmful toxins.  With so many cleanses out there promising to help you lose weight, rid your body of toxins, or cure sickness it’s hard to know which cleanse is the best for you.  Today (January 27, 2014) Dr. Oz talks about the best cleanses according to body type and diet preferences.  During this segment Dr. Oz talked about the “3 Day All Liquid Body Cleanse” and the questions that you should ask yourself to help you decide if the three day liquid cleanse will benefit you the most.  Also be sure to check out the Gut Flush and 7 Day Vegan Cleanse that were discussed during the accompanying segments.

Is The 3 Day All Liquid Body Cleanse Right For You?

Dr. Oz invite Dr. Alejandro Junger (author of the book called “Clean Gut“).  Alejandro said that there are distinct difference amongst body cleanses and some of them don’t even allow your body to go into  “detox mode”.  They listed questions on the show that you should ask yourself to decide if the 3 day liquid diet may be helpful for you.  Here are the questions that were asked :

Do you eat too much processed food?

  1. Do you prefer and choose frozen or boxed meals while you are at the grocery store?
  2. Do you frequently eat packaged diet foods?
  3. Do you frequently eat packaged snacks?
  4. Do you eat canned soups or sauces from a jar when you are in a rush?
  5. Have you gained more than 5 pounds in the past 12 months?

Dr. Junger said that if you answered yes to any of the questions noted above, the 3 day all liquid cleanse will be beneficial for you.  He said that the liquid cleanses are more intense and will be helpful if you eat a lot of processed foods.

3 Day All Liquid Cleanse

Dr. Alejandro Junger explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that all liquid cleanses are especially helpful for people who consume a lot of processed foods.  They are especially helpful and releasing toxins from your fat cells.  Dr. Alejandro Junger said that all liquid cleanses are easy on the digestive system.  Here are the cleanse guidelines that were displayed on today’s show :

  • You should not eat solid foods for three days
  • Be sure to include 20 grams of protein
  • Include health fat sources
  • Drink 3 liquified meals and 1 liquid snack each day

Here is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner examples that  they gave to give you a good idea on how to implement your cleanse :

Breakfast – Make a shake consisting of 1 cup of coconut milk (choose unsweetened), 1 scoop of a plant based protein powder, 4 tbsp almond butter, and 1 tbsp of vanilla extract.  You can add some stevia to sweeten the smoothie/shake.

Lunch shake – 1 avocado, 1 apple, 1 cup of coconut water, juice from one lime, 1 inch of fresh ginger.

Dinner meal – Bowl of veggie soup

Snack smoothie – 1 cucumber, 1/2 of an apple, 1 celery, squeeze from half a lemon, handful of spinach.  Blend into a smoothie and enjoy.

They also recommended taking Milk Thistle because it is helpful at detoxing the liver which is helpful during cleanses.

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