Dr Oz, 3 Fatigue Fighters, Hungry Girl Helps Stop Emotioinal Eating

3 Fatigue Fighters That Will Cure Your Exhaustion  – Hungry Girl’s Tips To Stop Emotional Eating on Dr. Oz

Does it seem like you have tried everything to get over your extreme exhaustion and fatigue that ails you almost every day of your life.  Between work, family, commitments, errands, etc…. how is it possible to get everything done.  On March 4, 2014 Dr. Oz will be inviting on Dr. Jennifer Landa. who will tell you how she cured her fatigue and how it can work for you.  If fatigue or just an overall lack of energy has ever been a problem for you, this particular Dr. Oz Show will provide some information that will definitely interest you.

Many people get through the day with nothing but coffee and/or energy drinks.  There is a better way.  Energy drinks can be harmful to your health while too much coffee can induce insomnia.  Sleepless nights only lead to feeling exhausting once again when you wake up and the endless cycle continues.  Tune in to the 3-4-2013 Dr. Oz show to find out what better options may be available for you so you can conquer the day, while getting a full night of restful sleep.  Take back your life and give your vitality a boost that it needs!

Hungry Girl Is Back On Dr. Oz To Talk About Emotional Eating!

Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien just may be the most popular guest on Dr. Oz..  She has been on the show a countless number of time sharing her infamous recipes that her fans swear by.  Her dishes are simple to prepare and offer alternative ingredients so your meals have less calories and fat without sacrificing taste.

Lisa Lillian will be talking with Dr. Oz about how to stop emotional eating.  Emotional eating affects so many people and is one of the leading causes of obesity.  People tend to eat more when they are mad, sad, happy, or anxious.  Lisa has the tips to help you overcome emotional eating and living a healthier lifestyle.

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