Dr Oz, 3 Phase To Fix Your Metabolism With Fat, Avocado & Turkey Wrap

3 Phase Plan To Fix Your Metabolism By Eating Carbs, Protein, and Fat

Haylie Pomroy, the Metabolism Whisper, appeared on Dr. Oz today to talk about the 3 Phase “Fast Metabolism Plan” to lose 20 pounds in 28 days by eating complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  Dr. Oz talks about how to keep from binging late at night as well as when you are out at a party. Haylie Pomroy then shares metabolism boosting recipes like the strawberry french toast and tuna salad and red pepper recipes that are full of metabolism boosting ingredients.  During this segment of today’s show (Phase three) Dr. Oz & Haylie Pomroy talk about how to incorporate healthy fats into your diet that are healthy and will help you to lose weight.

Avocado and Turkey Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Ingredients :

    • Two to four large romaine lettuce leaves
    • 1 cup of arugula
    • 1/2 cup of cooked ground turkey
    • 1 tbsp of salsa
    • 2 tbsp of hummus
    • 1/2 avocado cut into slices
    • Sea salt
    • Pepper

Preparation Directions :

Spread the romaine lettuce leaves on a plate and spread on the hummus and salsa ingredients.  Add ground turkey, avocado, and arugula.  Add on a little sea salt and pepper and enjoy your wrap.

New York Strip Steak With Steamed Asparagus Recipe

Ingredients :

  • Five to six New York strip steak
  • Ten to twelve fresh asparagus spears
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper

Preparation Directions :

  1. Place a broiler pan into the oven and preheat your oven to broil.  Cut off the excess fat from the strip steak and rub with garlic, salt, and pepper on both sides.  Broil the steak for 7 – 15 minutes according to the preference of how well done that you like your steak.
  2. Steam the asparagus spears while the steak is broiling.  To steam the asparagus add 1 to 2 inches of water and bring to a boil in a pot with a lid.  Steam the asparagus for 4 to 6 minutes.
  3. Season your steak with sea salt and pepper.

3 Phase Fast Metabolism Diet Results

Prior to the show being aired Dr. Oz asked to of his viewers to put Haylie’s Fast Metabolism Diet to the test.  He interviewed the women to ask them how they did.  They said that the diet gave them a lot of energy and they both lost weight.  One woman had already lost 6 pounds while the other woman has lost 7.Are you a fan of Dr. Oz but unable to view the show as often as you would like?

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