Dr Oz, 3 Toxic Foods, Milk With Hormones, Canned Goods, Potatoes

Dr. Oz Talks About The Foods Not To Eat (Or Drink)

Today’s (March 5, 2014) episode was about the foods that you should NOT be eating (or drinking).  Dr. Oz invited Oncologist Dr. Marleen Meyers to help share some foods that you should not be eating. Some of the foods that were mentioned may even surprise you.  Here are the foods that you should stay away from.

Dr. Marleen Meyers Says To Not Drink Milk With Artificial Hormones

Dr. Marleen Meyers said that during the 1980’s, farmers started injecting cows to increase the amount of milk the cows would produce.  The hormone is called rbGH, which stands for bovine growth hormone.  This hormone is said to be inactive in humans but Dr. Marleen Meyers has legitimate concerns about this hormone.  Dr. Meyers said that it causes the milk to have high levels of insulin-like growth factor, otherwise known as “IGF-1”.  Research studies have been performed which suggest that higher levels of IGF-1 increases risks for breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

Fortunately, 60 percent of the milk sold in the U.S. is now rbGH free.  However, how do you know if you are drinking rbGH free milk or not?  Your best bet is to buy organic milk or milk that is marked as “rbGH free”.  If you don’t see “rbGH free” on the label you may want to avoid this milk.

Conventionally Grown Potatoes

Next, Dr. Oz spoke with pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene about the food that he won’t eat.  Dr. Greene said that conventionally grown potatoes are loaded with pesticides.  The reason why they are so toxic with these chemicals is because they are grown very close to the ground.  This means that they are exposed to higher amounts of pesticides (and fungicides).  These pesticides also are able to penetrate through a potatoes skin into the inner portions of the potato.

A study from Harvard that was performed recently revealed that even low levels of pesticide exposure can double your child’s risk of developing ADHD!  Dr. Oz and Dr. Greene agreed that this is very alarming when you consider how popular mashed potatoes, and yes…. french fries are with children.

So, how do you avoid buying potatoes without pesticides?Buying organic potatoes is the best way.  However, there is another way to check to see if pesticides were used on the potatoes at your grocery store.  Look for a 5 digit code on the potato bag.  If the first number on the five digit code is a #9 it means that it was grown organically without pesticides.

Other vegetables that are often high in pesticides :

  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Chery tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Non organic coffee
  • Wine
  • Chocolate

Toxic Foods #3 – Canned Foods

The third “toxic” food that was discussed on today’s Dr. Oz was canned goods.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Jennifer Lander on to the show to talk about why she avoids canned foods.  She said that most canned foods contain a chemical called bisphenol A, otherwise known as “BPA”.  This chemical is used to prevent the  metal in the can from corroding.  Dr. Landa said that BPA can increase your risk for some cancers.  It has also been shown to cause problems with reproductive function, while also increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There was one very alarming study that was done where volunteers ate just one “canned” soup per day for five days.  After five days they had a 1000 THOUSAND percent increase of urinary BPA concentrations compared to another set of volunteers who ate one serving of fresh soup for five days.  So, in conclusion….. make fresh soup instead of canned soup!

Tips to avoid BPA :

  • If you must eat canned foods, stay away from acidic, salty or fatty foods in a can.  These types of canned goods cause an increased amount of BPA to seep into the food.
  • Do not microwave or pour hot liquids into plastic containers.

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