Dr Oz 30 Second Cracker Test, Carb Intake

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Today, Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Sharon Moalem (Geneticist) about why some people can tolerate carbs without gaining weight, and some people can’t even look (seemingly) at a meal high in carbs without gaining weight.  They performed the 30 second cracker test that will determine your carb type.  The good news is that you can also take the 30 second cracker test at home to determine how many carbs you should be eating.

Guests on today’s (August 8, 2017) episode : Dr. Sharon Moalem , Tom Manning , Dr. Curtis Cetrulo , Dr. Dicken Ko , Dr. Gary Schwartz

30 Second Cracker Test on Dr Oz

  • You will need 1 saltine cracker that is UNSALTED.
  • A timer
  • A pen

That’s all you need!

30 Second Cracker Test Directions

Break an unsalted cracker in two.. Stick one half of the cracker in your mouth.  Start the timer.  Begin chewing the cracker.  You will notice that the cracker starts to change in flavor.  When you notice the different taste, stop the timer and your done.. What time did you notice the cracker’s flavor change?

  • 15 seconds or less?
  • 15-30 seconds?
  • 30 seconds or the cracker never changed flavor

What Carb Type are You?

  • 0-14 seconds : Full
  • 15-30 seconds – Moderate
  • 30+ seconds – Restricted


If your carb type is FULL you can have up to 50 percent (but not more) of your calories coming from a carb source. 20 percent protein and 30 percent from healthy fats.

Moderate carb types means you can have up to 35 percent of your caloric intake from carbs, 30 percent from protein, and 30% from fat.

Restricted carb types mean’s that yo can have only 25 percent of your caloric intake coming from calories. 35% from protein, and 40% from fats.

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