Dr Oz, 4 Immunity Boosting Rules, Chew Your Food Extra 10 Times

Dr Oz Talks With Joel Fuhrman About The Four Food Rules To Boost Your Immunity

Do you find yourself falling ill with sickness due to every bug that is going around?  When one member of your family gets sick, does it spread one by one to each member of the family until everyone has been infected?  On today’s show Dr. Oz invited Dr. Joel Fuhrman on to the show to talk about the “Super Immunity Diet” and 4 food rules that you should follow to help you boost your immunity as well as lose weight and improve your energy.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has been invited on to the Dr. Oz show many times due to his popularity and novel approach to nutrition and health.  Today Dr. Fuhrman claimed that if you follow 4 simple food rules you never have to get sick again and your body will have the defenses enabled to ward of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.  He believes that the food that you eat should be viewed as medicine against sickness and disease.

4 Food Rules To Never Get Sick

Dr. Joel Fuhrmans says that if you follow these four basic food rules you will boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

    1. Phytonutrient Rich Foods – Eat green leafy vegetables like peppers, kale, onions, tomatoes, and berries.  He associated these foods when eaten together as being like a symphony inside your body that will boost your immunity and give your body the defenses that it needs to fight off disease and remove toxins.
    2. Slow Absorbing Foods – Dr. Furhman explained to Dr. Oz that foods that are absorbed and digested slowly in your intestinal tract like beans, seeds, and nuts keep your blood sugar in balance and prevent sugar spikes. They also have the added benefit of lowering your cholesterol.
    3. Eat Meat As A Condiment Rather Than The Main Course – Dr. Fuhrman says that you should get most of your nutrients from your meal from plant based foods.  Try to limit your meat to be only 10 percent of your meals.
    4. Add 10 Chews To Every Bite – The fourth food rule is to add an extra 10 chews to each bite in your meal.  Dr. Fuhrman soaid that the average person only chews 15 times before they swallow.  Simply adding 10 extra chews helps to boost your immunity and lose weight.  Dr. Oz chimed in and gave the statistic that people eat on average 10 percent less during each meal when they chew their food more.

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