Dr Oz, 5 Epic Diet Mistakes, High Protein, Gluten Free, Fat Free Diets

Dr. Oz Talks About 5 Epic Diet Mistakes – High Protein, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Counting Calories & Eating Small Meals

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Joel Fuhrman on to the show to talk about 5 epic diet mistakes that people are making who are dieting and trying to lose weight.  Most people have tried some (if not all) of the diets that Dr. Fuhrman talked about during the opening segment on today’s show.  Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Oz talk about the mistakes people make on high protein low carb, fat free, and gluten free diets.  He also discusses why counting calories and eating 6 small meals also isn’t the best way in which to lose weight.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment on how foods like adzuki beans and cashews can help you to burn fat and lose weight faster.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman (author of Eat To Live) believes that traditional weight loss strategies are epic mistakes and some even lead to yo-yo dieting which will sometimes be counterproductive and actually cause you to gain weight!  He said that most diets out there are just gimmicks to get you to try their  program (and spend money).  Most weight loss programs do not give you the amount of nutrients that your body needs to function in  a healthy way for long term.  Here are the 5 Epic diet mistakes that people are making according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman :

Gluten Free Diets Don’t Work

Dr. Fuhrman said that only 10% of people are sensitive to gluten.  When people go on gluten free diet they will frequently eat foods like rice and potato flour instead of foods that contain gluten like wheat products.  Many people gain weight rather than lose on gluten free diets.

High Protein Diets & Diabetes

Dr. Fuhrman doesn’t feel that high protein diets are healthy and says that too much protein can actually worsen diabetes.  As he spoke with Dr. Oz, Dr. Fuhrman said that these high protein diets promote a hormone called IG1 which stands for “Insulin Like Growth Factor 1).  This hormone can increase your risk for breast cancer.  He also said that high protein / low carbohydrate diets also increases acid in your tissues.

Fat Free Diets Lead To Food Cravings

Dr. Fuhrman said that it is important to have healthy fats in our diet because these healthy fats help our bodies absorb the nutrients that can fight off cancer cells.  He also said that fat free diets trigger food cravings.  He also said that it’s hard for your body to lose fat if you aren’t eating fat (the healthy fats).

Counting Calories Cause Food Cravings

The next diet that Dr. Oz and Joel Fuhrman talked about was “Counting Calories”.  Dr. Fuhrman said that counting calories isn’t helpful because many of us are calorie deficient already.  He said that counting calories will just set you up for falling off the diet wagon and you will give in to your food cravings and you will actually eat more.

Eating Six Small Meals A Day Is Another Diet Mistake

Many people believe that eating small meals all throughout the day will help you to lose weight.  Dr. Fuhrman explained to Dr. Oz that this dieting tactic has shown that people will actually consume more calories throughout the course of a day.  He also said that your body needs time to detox in between meals and eating so many meals throughout the day doesn’t allow this detoxing to take place.

Food Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms like stomach cramps, headaches, a growling stomach, irritability, and light headedness are withdrawal symptoms from unhealthy foods that you are addicted to.  He said that when you are craving bad foods you will have these symptoms and you will feel the need to continue to eat these foods so the symptoms go away.  This will lead to more weight gain.  Dr. Fuhrman compared food addiction to people who smoke cigarettes and try to quit.  He said that you suffer from withdrawal of unhealthy foods just like you would suffer withdrawal from cigarettes.

What Is Toxic Hunger?

Dr. Fuhrman explained to Dr. Oz that when you stop eating unhealthy foods you will suffer withdrawal symptoms.  He called this “toxic hunger”. He said that you can literally feel sick when you stop eating these foods.  The reason for this is because your body is trying to heal and fix the damage caused by those unhealthy foods.  Many people will feel symptoms like weakness, stomach cramping, and fatigue.  “Toxic Hunger” is when you are eating to take away your unpleasant symptoms that people suffering from food addiction go through, rather than eating to fuel your body with the nutrition that it needs.

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