Dr Oz 5HTP Appetite Suppressant, Reduces Hunger, Cravings, Lifts Mood

5-HTP A Mood Enhancer and Natural Appetite Suppressors Cuts Hunger In Half and Reduces Cravings

Do you find yourself getting hungry in between meals or struggling to stay on any sort of a diet?  Your in good company if you always seem to be hungry and suffer from food cravings too.  Today, Dr. Oz talked about a natural appetite suppressor called 5 HTP that can cut your hunger in half and reduce your food cravings.  He said that there are many reasons that trigger hunger and some of those reasons actually occur in your brain!  A drop in blood sugar and refined carbs can trigger food cravings but external reasons like alcohol and stress can cause hunger as well.  During the followup segment Dr. Oz talks about 5-HTP side effects and buying guidelines that you should be aware of.

How 5 HTP Suppresses Your Appetite

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5-HTP Reduces Cravings, Hunger, and Lifts Your Mood!

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Tasneem Bhatia on to the show to talk about how 5-HTP not only acts as a mood stabilizer but also works as a natural appetite suppressant.   She explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that 5-HTP is a chemical that is produced in the body naturally.  It is also found in in a West African Plant (in the seeds) and has been used for years to treat depression and boost your mood.  It also has a very pleasant side effect of reducing your cutting hunger and reducing food cravings.  You can buy 5-HTP in supplement form and you don’t need a prescription!  Another Dr. that was invited on to the show (Dr. Denise Bruner) said that 5-HTP goes to the brain and helps to produce Serotonin.  You may have heard of Serotonin as the chemical that lifts your mood and makes you feel happy.  She said that when your mood is lifted your hunger and cravings are lowered.  She said that physicians have used 5 HTP in their practice for many years.

Dr. Oz demonstrated to the audience that when our serotonin levels drop hunger and cravings begin to rise.  5-HTP helps to keep your serotonin levels high and this keeps your hunger at bay.

Emotional Eaters Benefit From Improved Mood

Many people (emotional eaters) eat when they are sad, upset, or stressed out.  Dr. Tasneem Bhatia said that she often recommends 5 htp to emotional eaters as a natural way to reduce their appetite and lifting their mood at the same time.  She said that when people get stressed out they eat much more than they ordinarily would so that is why she loves to suggest 5 htp to her patients.

5-HTP As An Anti-Depressant

There are  many anti-depressants out there but for most of them you need a prescription from the doctor and also have unpleasant side effects.  Dr. Pina Loguidice said that 5-HTP is an ideal choice for a mood booster because it not only boosts your mood it helps you sleep better at night, and helps you to make better food choices the next day because your not as hungry with less cravings when you are happy.

How Much Weight Will You Lose

5 HTP isn’t an overnight weight loss cure.  Dr. Tasneem Bhatia said that her patients lost  1/2 – 1 pound per week while on 5 HTP. (Hey, that’s 26-52 lbs a year!).  She said that a slow weight loss method is sometimes the better way to go over the long haul.  Dr. Oz agreed with Dr. Bhatia when she said this and said that he prefers slow and steady weight loss because your more likely to keep the weight off for good!  Dr. Oz said that data has shown that women who are taking 5-HTP eat 100 less grams of carbohydrates each day.  100 grams of carbs is equal to 8 slices of bread or 4 donuts!!

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