Dr Oz, 7 Belly Blasters Detox Week, Chemical Free Diet Pill, Cravings

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Dr Oz April 29 – Belly Blasters That Really Work Kickstarts “Detox Your Body Week”

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on today’s episode :

Are you ready for a week long weight loss and body transformation extravaganza on Dr. Oz?  Beginning April 29, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about how to get your body and health back into shape.  Monday’s episode is going to start the week off with a bang as Dr. Oz talks about 7 belly blasters that really work!  He also will talking about a chemical free diet pill that Dr. Oz says is going to change everything!  He will be talking about ways to halt your curb cravings and blast away that belly fat.  If weight loss is on your mind and your tired of riding that dieting roller coaster this is the program (full week of episodes for that matter!) that you won’t want to miss.

Each year do you find yourself making new resolutions and a firm commitment to getting back into shape?  If so, you are not alone and there are millions of people in this country that share your good intentions but are lacking the desired results.  Dr. Oz’ April 29, 2013 show will be featuring 7 belly blasting tips that will help to detox your body while melting away the belly fat that has become problematic to so many men and women.  If you find that your wardrobe is getting overran with clothes that you can no longer wear, it’s time to take back control of your closet by trimming down, improving your health, and giving yourself a boost of confidence by losing the weight that is keeping your from looking and feeling your best.

Tips To Curb Your Hunger Cravings

Even the most dedicated dieters often fall victim to hunger cravings.  You can have the best intentions but one slip (or binge) can send you backsliding on your diet program and weight loss goals.  You will find yourself feeling depressed and defeated. On 4-29-2013 Dr. Oz will be showing you ways to prevent this from ever happening again. Dr. Oz will be doing some demonstrations on stage to show you how you can literally shrink your fat cells quickly and over the long term.  If you are done with the aggravating (and unhealthy) yo-yo dieting be sure to have your DVR set to record this episode!  What will be the chemical free diet supplement that may change the way you think about dieting and hunger cravings?  Be sure to tune in to find out!

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