Dr Oz 99 Body Myths, Ginger Nausea Cure, Does Stress Cause Ulcers?

  • You can spend days on the internet and read about all sorts of diet, body, and/or weight loss remedies (or myths) and you still wouldn’t know what actually works and what is just a myth that is causing you to waste your time and money.  Today, Dr. Oz had a show that talks about 99 body myths that many people swear by, but they simply don’t work.  However, some remedies are useful so separating fact from fiction is key.  Today Dr. Oz spoke about a cellulite micro needle device, cellulite lotions, remedies for nausea and more.  Here is the segment Dr. Oz did about nausea and which is a myth and which is a beneficial remedy.

Saltine Crackers Are The Best Cure For Nausea

I have heard of this since I was a kid, and I fondly recall my mother giving me a plate of crackers when I wasn’t feeling well.  Are saltine crackers really an effective remedy for nausea?  The saltine cracker myth likely originated because you would receive them in hospitals.  They are a good source of sodium, they are easy to digest but they aren’t actually the best “cure” for nausea.

Dr. Oz asked a physician helping him this segment on the show about what is the best natural remedy for nausea.  While not a cure, ginger root is a very effective herb that really helps to ease nausea.  Try brewing yourself a cup of ginger tea the next time you have an upset belly and see if that helps to curb your nausea.  A lot of kids may be hesitant to drink ginger tea but they love ginger lollipops!  If they get motion sickness or just have an upset belly, ginger lollipops is a yummy and beneficial way to treat the nausea.

Stress Causes Stomach Ulcers

Nearly everyone has heard this myth.  But does stress really cause stomach ulcers?  Dr. Oz said that this is a myth.  He did a demonstration on stage to explain why this is a myth.  Dr. Oz said that our stomachs action has a nervous system in the lining of your gut.  This is why many people associate ulcers to stress..  When you get stress in your mind, your nervous system in your belly also gets stressed as well.  Neurotransmitters are released and this can affect your digestion as well as your brain.

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Today’s Dr. Oz episode was originally aired 12/02/2016