Dr Oz Acacia Fiber, CLA, Catechins & Beauty Foods To Look Younger

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Dr. Oz Detox and Foods To Help You Look Younger

Tired of crows feet and age spots that are making you look much older than you feel inside?  Looking to burn away that belly fat that has been plaguing you for years?  Today’s Dr. Oz was all about looking younger, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and even information on how to shrink your fat cells!  Here are the segments that were featured on today’s show :

Acacia Fiber Shrinks Belly Fat – If you find yourself falling of your diet wagon because you get hungry between meals and start snacking then Acacia Fiber may be for you.  Dr. Oz praised this powder because it is extremely high in fiber and is tasteless so you can virtually put it in just about any kind of food and it won’t change the taste. Dr. Oz recommends that you drink a large glass of water when you consume Acacia Fiber so you will feel full quickly and for a lengthy amount of time. Dr. Oz also talks about how red wine reduces cortisol levels which can cause belly fat, pickles which improve your digestion, catechins (found in green) and CLA are a great one – two punch at reducing belly fat.

Foods To Help You Look Younger – Did you know that you can look younger from the ingredients that are likely in your kitchen?  Dr. Oz talks about how you can look younger by reducing age spots and cellulite.  Find out which foods can make you looking younger and feeling confident in no time!

Wet Foods To Blast Away Belly Fat – Wet foods are foods that contain at least 70 percent water and have at least 5 grams of fat.  Some of the recipes include wet and wild tacos, turkey burger, and wet water n watermelon recipes.

Beauty Detox Foods – Find out what foods can help you to detox your body and which foods to avoid.  Find out which foods can help you to reduce your crows feet, and detoxify your body.

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