Dr Oz, Adderall Abuse, Overprescribed,Dangers & Suicide Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About Adderall and How Doctors Are Over Prescribing This Drug and Potential Dangers

Today (February 18, 2013) Dr. Oz talked about Adderall and the potential risks and dangers that are associated with this drug that is meant to help people with ADHD.  However, doctors are over prescribing adderall, with diagnoses doubling in just the past 5 years!  One in four college students are taking Adderall to help them focus and concentrate.  Many of the kids taking Adderall may not even have ADHD and  aren’t aware of the risks and dangers involved with a drug that has an effect that is similar to speed.

Adderall Abuse and Personality Changes

Dr. Oz invited two parents on to the show to talk about their son who has been taking Adderall (even though he wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD) to help him perform better in college.  Their son is legally an adult and obtained a prescription for Adderall from a doctor.  His parents soon began seeing personality and behavioral changes.  The attempted to talk to their sons doctor about his personality changes and to tell him to stop prescribing Adderall to their son.  However, due to the fact that their son is over 18 and considered an adult the Doctor would not share any information and breach “doctor-patient  confidentiality”.  The parents talked to Dr. Oz about how helpless they felt and how ultimately their son went on to commit suicide.

One in 4 College Students Are Currently Using Adderall

Dr. Oz was shocked when he learned that 1 in 4 college kids are using Adderall to help with their studies.  Dr. Oz asked two of his kids about the prevalence of Adderall and they both concurred that this is a drug that is easily obtainable and is routinely passed around amongst students.

The parent’s of the son who committed suicide believes that there needs to be strict guidelines that need to be put in place.  They believe that Dr.’s should be following stricter guidelines to follow before the prescribe Adderall.  They believe that Adderall is killing our kids when this drug is being prescribed to children (or adult kids) who do not need it. The believe that Adderall caused their son to commit suicide and may be putting countless other kids in harms way as well.  With 1 in 4 college kids using Adderall Dr. Oz seemed to agree with their opinion.

Is Adderall Overprescribed?

Dr. Oz was shocked when he heard that prescriptions for this drug has doubled in only 5 years.  He invited Dr. Net Hallowell on to the show to talk about this alarming prescription increase.  He believes that while Dr.’s understand ADHD better than they used to, kids are also trying to get prescriptions for this drug to use them as “mental steroids”.