Dr Oz, Age To Get A Mammagram or Colonoscopy, Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Three Cancer Tests That People Should Get

Today Dr. Oz talked with Dr. John Santa about cancer screenings and which ones are unnecessary.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the three cancer tests that are important to get.  Dr. Oz feels that the three most important cancer screenings that people should receive are cervical, mammograms, and colonoscopies.  Here are summaries of what Dr. Oz had to say on this very important subject that could in fact save your life!

Test #1 – Get A Pap Smear To Check For Cervical Cancer

The first test that Dr. Oz recommends is testing for cervical cancer with a pap smear.  Dr. Oz said that getting and continuing to receive pap smears is important because cervical cancer cells can multiply rapidly.  Dr. Oz suggests that all women between the ages of 21 – 65 have a pap smear done every three years if your results are coming back normal.  Having a pap smear can save your life!

At What Age Should A Woman Having Mammogram Screenings?

Mammograms are used to test for breast cancer.  Dr. Oz said that despite any trepidations it is important to have this procedure done.  Mammograms can detect tumors that you can not feel during self exams.  Dr. recommends that a woman should first be screened at the age of 40 and you should be screened regularly by the age of 50.

What Age Should I have A Colonoscopy Performed?

Nobody looks forward to the day that they have to go in and have a colonoscopy performed but this procedure can literally save your life!  Dr. Oz said that colonoscopy’s not only detect colon cancer but they can also find and remove polyps (polyps can become cancerous).  Dr. Oz said that everyone (men and women) over the age of 50 should have a colonoscopy performed every 10 years.

Dr. Oz also gave a couple of tips on how you can reduce your risk for colon cancer.  He said to find out what your waist to hip ratio is.  Why is this important?  Dr. O said that fat in the midsection can cause an increase in hormones that have the potential to turn on cancer cells.  To find your waist to hip ration you should measure your waist and and then measure your hips.  Waist measurement / Hip measurement = Waist to hip ratio.

  • Waist to Hip ratio should be .85 or lower
  • Another way to reduce your risk for colon cancer is to eat low fat yogurt and nut.  This will help to reduce your belly fat.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Skin Cancer

Dr. Oz said by simply avoiding excessive exposure to the sun you can reduce your risk for skin cancer by as much as 90%.  Other steps that you should take would include :

    • Look for Asymmetry – Misshapen moles can be cancerous
    • Look at the moles border – Skin cancer moles usually have a dark border
    • Varied colors – Skin cancers have varied colors in their appearance
    • Diameter – If a mole is smaller than the size of a pencil eraser there probably is no cause for concern

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