Dr Oz Alkaline + Acid Forming Foods, Kidney Disease, Diabetes Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About Alkaline and Acid Forming Foods Can Lead To Diseases Like Diabetes

On today’s January 13, 2013 episode Dr. Oz talks about how acid forming foods that you may be eating could be increasing your risk for serious diseases like type 2 diabetes and kidney disease.  Acid forming foods may also be causing you to gain weight! Dr. Oz talks about the list of acid forming foods you should reduce in your diet and alkaline forming foods that you should be eating more of.

Alkaline Foods Neutralize Toxic Acid In The Body

Dr. Oz said that alkaline foods are a brand new food category and they have the power to lower your risk of getting many diseases like kidney disease or type 2 diabetes.  They are beneficial to your body because they neutralize the toxic acid in your body that is causing havic.

Dietician Ashley Koff said that you don’t have to eliminate acid forming foods from your diet, but you need to make sure that you are also getting a plentiful supply of alkaline foods to keep your body iin blance.  She said that alkaline foods will help to improve your digestion and lower your risk of many health ailments that people suffer from and can’t understand why.List Of Acidic Forming Foods That Cause Toxic Overload :

  • Refined carbohydrates
  • High fat dairy
  • Animal proteins

It may be hard to totally eliminate acidic forming foods from your diet, but you should try to reduce your intake (while increasing alkaline foods) to stay healthy.

What Does Acid Forming and Alkaline Forming Foods Mean?

Ashley Koff said that acid forming foods do not need to taste acidic, its how your body reacts to them when they are inside your body.  When you have to digest acid forming foods your kidneys have to work overtime.  Side effects can be diabetes, weight gain, and even hormonal problems.  She explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that when you ingest alkaline forming foods you literally place a shield around your kidneys that keeps acid forming foods from causing these problems.

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