Dr Oz, Alkaline Food Diet and Food List, Alkaline Spices, Veggies

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Dr. Oz Talks About The Alkaline Food Diet and The List Of Foods You Should Eat

Today Dr. Oz talked about acid forming and alkaline forming foods and the health affects that each have on your body.  During the accompanying episode Dr. Oz talks about why acid forming foods cause ailments like kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.  During this segment Dr. Oz and dietician Ashley Koff talks about the list of of alkaline foods that you should be including in your diet to help ward off disease and to stay healthy.

List of Alkaline Foods That Lower Your Risk For Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Ashley Koff tip : Before eating a meal that is high in acid forming foods, drink a glass of lemon water..  The lemon water will help to neutralize the toxic acid and protect your kidneys.

List of Alkaline Foods

  • Acid fruits (lemons, limes, etc…)
  • Green veggies (celery, broccoli, avocado, parsley, etc…)
  • Tropic fruits
  • Grains that are gluten free – Quinoa was one example that they gave
  • Spices – Ground ginger and cinnamon were the examples that were given
  • Low acid proteins – Salmon, tofu, sardines

Ashley said that alkaline foods like those given on the list above should be the basis of an alkaline diet.  It is ok to still eat some acid forming foods but try to limit them and don’t overdo it.

Alkaline Diet Guidelines

Ashley Koff created a guideline and shared it on today’s Dr. Oz show.  Here were the guidelines that were given :
  1. You should eat two alkaline foods for every 1 acid forming foods at each meal.

Breakfast example – Have a half of a grapefruit and spinach (alkaline foods) along with scrambled eggs (acid forming food)

Lunch example – Eat a large salad that contains alkaline green foods with avocado dressing.  Add some turkey as the acid forming food that will fit in the 2 to 1 ratio guidelines.

Dinner example – Have a salmon patty (alkaline) sandwich on a whole wheat bun (acid). As a side dish have a large helping of stir fry vegetables (alkaline).

Use your imagination, but remember to have two alkaline foods for every one acidic food.

Other Alkaline Food Tips

  • Cinnamon Tea is an alkaline spice.  Have a glass of cinnamon tea as a refreshing beverage during the day.
  • Squeeze a half of lemon into a glass or two of water throughout the day
  • Add alkaline spices to your acid forming foods.  Examples of alkaline spices would be paprika, chili powder, ginger, curry powder, dried parsley.

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