Dr Oz, Alkaline Foods, Freekeh Grain, 4 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

Dr. Oz January 13 Episode : Inflammatory Foods You Should Avoid, Alkaline Foods, and Freekeh Grain

Today’s (all new) January 13th episode what called “Toxic Acid Takedown” and why the average American diet is toxic and much too acidic.  Dr. Oz will be inviting Ashley Koff (registered dietician) on to the show to talk about how you can neutralize the toxic acidity in your body by eating alkaline foods.  find out what foods are considered alkaline and which foods are too acidic and should be avoided.

Four Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

Dr. Oz will be talking about body inflammation and the foods that may be putting your health at risk.  He will be talking about 4 inflammatory foods that often fly under the radar.  Find out why body inflammation can be so detrimental to your overall health and what the 4 inflammatory foods are that you should avoid.  Also healthier alternatives that you should consider in your diet.

Alkaline Diet, Acid Forming Foods To Avoid

Do You Feel Hopelessly Exhausted?

Millions of people suffer from exhaustion all across the country.  Have you tried anything and everything to try and combat your chronic fatigue type symptoms?  Dr. Oz will be inviting Dr. Tieraona Low Dog on to the show to discuss natural holistic approaches that can help you to beat fatigue.  Find out 3 easy steps that you should take to win the battle against exhaustion. Also, Dr. Low Dog will be sharing home remedies that can help you to prevent or fight illnesses without making an appointment with a Dr. Oz to get a prescription.

Natural Chronic Fatigue Fighters, Homemade Cough Syrup, Umcka Cold Remedy


Have you ever heart of the grain called “Freekeh?”  Dr. Oz talks about this ancient grain and why it is a healthy option.  He talks about how you should prepare Freekeh, where you can buy it, and how you should eat it.

Freekeh Rice Recipe, Epsom Salt and Ginger Healing Baths

Stress Reducing Tips and How To Take A Healing Bath

At the end of the show Dr. Oz will be sharing tips on how to de-stress and how you can take a “healing bath.”

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