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What Causes Allergies and Do Shots (or Drops) Work?

Do you find yourself suffering from allergies during the spring? It’s allergy season again and Dr. Oz believes that it has become an allergy epidemic and the symptoms are worse than ever before.  If you find yourself suffering from mold spores, tree pollen, grass pollen, and/or ragweed today’s April 4, 2013 show was for you.

When Does Allergy Season Begin And What Causes It?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Clifford Bassett on to the show to talk about what causes allergies and when the allergy season begins.  Dr. Clifford Bassett said that physicians are seeing patients complaining of allergy symptoms earlier than ever before.  He says that allergies are affecting children and adults at ever increasing rates.  Dr. Bassett said that he usually doesn’t see very many allergy sufferers until April but this year patients have been having problems since February.

Kinds of allergies – Dr. Oz asked Dr. Clifford Basset to explain to the viewers about the different types of allergies that are common in America.  Here are the most common allergies that people suffer from regularly :

  • Tree Pollen – Typically occurs in March and April.  The symptoms associated with tree pollen are those similar to people who have a severe cold.
  • Grass pollen – Grass pollen season typically begins around Easter.  As the grass begins to grow people who suffer from grass pollen suffer a great deal.
  • Ragweed – Ragweed can occur from spring and all throughout the summer months.  However, according to Dr. Basset, spring pollens cause the most grief to ragweed sufferers.
  • Mold spores – Mold spores usually affect people during the summer months when it gets hot.  Mold spores are invisible and cause reactions without people realizing the source.

Do Allergy Shots and Drops Work?

Dr. Clifford Bassett told Dr. Oz that we should be taking measures to give our immune system a boost to reduce allergy symptoms that people suffer from.  You can also consider allergy shots & drops to help reduce symptoms.

    • Allergy Shots – People have been receiving allergy shots for over a century and this form of treatment is usually covered by insurance.
    • Allergy Drops – Dr. Clifford & Dr. Oz explained to the viewers and members of the audience about what allergy drops were and how they differ from allergy shots.  Allergy drops are when your doctor customized a formula based on your allergic needs.  The drops will help to boost up your immunity to allergies and you wont suffer from as many symptoms over time.  However, allergy drops are not approved by the FDA at this time and are generally not covered by insurance.  Dr. Bassett believes this will change soon and you will be able to purchase drops from your allergist.

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