Dr Oz, Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Creams, Glycolic Acid Acne Prone Skin

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Dr. Oz Talks About How Alpha Hydroxy Is Making A Comeback And Can Make You Look Years Younger Instantly

Today (July 23, 2013) Dr. Oz talked about an anti-aging cream for wrinkles that was once a huge hit in the beauty industry but has since fallen by the wayside.  Dr. Oz talked about how Alpha Hydroxy Acid is making a huge comeback and the science behind it has made new and improved Alpha Hydroxy Acid Creams that are safe and can literally help to heal your skin from the inside out.  During this segment on the show Dr. Oz talks with dermatoligist, Jennette Graf about how to instantly take years off your face for beautiful younger looking skin.

Alpha Hydroxy acids are found in citrus fruits, sugar cane, and milk.  they help to make your skin younger by removing a layer of dead skin and revealing a fresh new layer of skin for a fresh and youthful appearance.  You can also find alpha hydroxy acids in beauty products and creams.

Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids Safe?

Dr. Graf said that many years ago Alpha Hydroxy creams caused irritation to the skin.  However, new formulas are much safer and you can even use the creams around your eyes.Alpha Hydroxy Acids help by exfoliating the skin and removing a dead layer of skin.  After your skin has been exfoliated by the Alpha Hydroxy Acids your renewed skin will allow your other beauty products like moisturizers and wrinkle creams to be even more effective!

The Best Alpha Hydroxy Product For Your Skin Type

There are many kinds of creams, serums, lotions, and cleansers that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  So, which do you choose for your particular body type.  Dr. Jeannette Graff recommends that you will receive the most anti-aging skin benefits from creams, lotions, and serums rather than cleansers.

What Alpha Hydroxy Cream To Use For Acne Prone Skin

If you are prone to acne Dr. Graf suggests that you should use a gream that has Glycolic Acid in it.  She said that glycolic acid is the strongest of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  she said that glycolic acid penetrates the skin easily and you can use it in a light lotion or cream.  You should look for :

  • Check the label and look for 10% Glycolic Acid on the label.

Lactic Acid For Normal Or Combination Skin

For normal skin a cream that contains lactic acid would be a good lotion for you to help clear away wrinkles and promote beautiful and younger looking skin.

The Best Alpha Hydroxy Acids Are In Creams That You Can Leave In

This is why lotions and serums are better than Alpha Hydroxy Acid cleansers.  Dr. Graf said that Alpha Hydroxy Acids provide a greater benefit if allowed to stay in the skin.

Sun Exposure Warning

Alpha Hydroxy Acid will leave you with a fresh new layer of skin.  This newly refreshed skin will leave you more sensitive so you should apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) if you will be out in the sun.

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