Dr Oz, Alternative PMS Treatment, Chaste Tree Berry, When To See OBGYN

Dr. Oz Talks About Alternative PMS Treatments Like Chaste Tree Berry

Today Dr. Oz talked about if women would rather see a male or female doctor.  On today’s April 15, 2013 show Dr. oz invited Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz (OBGYN) on to the show to talk about if there are any difference between male and female doctors.  She feels that a female doctor can relate to a woman’s symptoms because she can relate and may have experienced many of the symptoms that other women may be concerned about.  Dr. Gilberg-Lenz said that men may look at PMS differently and opt for a quick fix to PMS symptoms, like birth control pills.  Suzanne said that a female doctor will be able to relate to PMS symptoms and may look for other treatment options for PMS symptoms.

Is Chaste Tree Berry An Effective Alternative Treatment For PMS?

Dr. Oz mentioned that birth control pills are often used for PMS symptoms.  He asked Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz if there were any alternative treatment options that are effective.  Dr. Gilberg-Lenz said that each woman should be treated differently based on their needs.  She said that there are other treatment options that may be better as a “first line defense” against PMS symptoms.  She said that sometimes birth control pills can actually make symptoms worse!

Chaste Tree Berry – You can purchase Chaste Tree Berry in a tincture or capsule form.  Chaste Tree Berry is a herbal supplement that can relieve PMS symptoms like mood swings, bloating, and breast tenderness.

When You Should See Your OBGYN

Dr. Gilberg-Lenz said that most women prefer to talk to their OBGYN when it comes to discussing symptoms about feminine health issues.  However, many women are going to see their OBGYN and are misdiagnosed because their health problem may actually be a gastrointestinal problem.  She also said that some of the meds prescribed for gynecological conditions may actually worsen gastrointestinal conditions. She said that female organs lie in the same proximity as her intestines and colon. So how do you know when to see an OBGYN or a gastroenterologist?

When To See An OBGYN :

  • If pain changes along with your menstrual cycle.
  • If pain occurs during sex
  • If pain is associated with vaginal discharge or bleeding

When To See A Gastroenterologist :

  • If your painful symptoms are associated with eating, diarrhea, or constipation
  • Change in appetite

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