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Andrew Weil on Dr. Oz Essential Supplements & Red Yeast Rice Lowers Cholesterol

Today Dr. Oz will be talking about one of the leading health gurus in the country, Dr. Andrew Weil.  Dr. Weil has appeared on Dr. Oz and has become one of the most popular guests.  They will be taking an elusive look inside Andrew Weil’s home as he shares his essential secrets to lower cholesterol, improve your digestion, and lower your stress levels.  He will also be talking about essential supplements and foods to improve your health and prevent illness.

Andrew Weil Essential Supplements – DMSO, Iodine, DMSO

Andrew Weil will be opening his doors for an exclusive look inside his kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to share the essential supplements that he uses regularly.  During this portion of the show Dr. Weil talks about DMSO and how it is very helpful for aches and pains.  He will also be talking about the sleep benefits of valerian, how 1 in 3 women are iodine deficient, and how you can improve your respiratory system with eucalyptus oil.

Improve Your Digestion With Pistachios & DGL Supplements For Heartburn and/or Acid Reflux

During this portion of the show Dr. Oz & Andrew Weil will be talking about supplements and foods to eat to aid your digestion.  Pistachios are lower in calories than other nuts and are also excellent for digestion.  Find out why pistachio’s rank at the top of the list of nuts to help relieve stomach ailments.  They will also be talking about DGL supplements and why Dr. Weil recommends DGL for problems like heartburn and acid reflux.

Reduce Stress With Palm Reflexology

Dr. Weil talks about how he uses meditation to help ease his stress away.  He also will be talking to Dr. Oz about how Palm Reflexology is a method of acupressure that can reduce your stress.  He will be teaching the audience and viewers at home how you can perform palm reflexology in only 1 minute!

Prevent Colds With Garlic

This portion of today’s May 31, 2013 Dr. Oz program, Dr. Andrew Weil talks about a super food (garlic) that can help prevent colds.  Garlic is both antibacterial and antiviral and help stop those nasty colds before they even start.  He will also be talking about “raw versus cooked foods”..  Some foods are more nutritious in their raw state. However, some foods provide more nutrition when they are cooked.  Dr. Weil talks about which foods should be eaten raw and which foods should be cooked to help you and your family maintain optimal health.

CoQ10 Slows Down The Aging Process

Dr. Oz has often talked about CoQ10 and how this supplement can help to protect your heart.  Dr. Weil will be talking about how CoQ10 has the added benefit of slowing down the aging process. He will be informing viewers about why CoQ10 is a supplement that everyone should be taking on a daily basis. A natural remedy for depression (Sam-E) is discussed during this segment as well.

Lower Your Cholesterol With Red Yeast Rice

Cholesterol is a health problem shared by a large portion of our society.  Dr. Oz & Dr. Weil share natural ways in which you can lower your cholesterol.  Red Yeast Rice is Dr. Oz Weil’s favorite natural remedy to lower cholesterol.  He also shares other cholesterol lowering natural supplements that you can take that are effective.

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