Dr Oz, Anti-Chaffing Stick For Heat Rash, Oatmeal Bath Poison Ivy Recipe

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Dr. Oz Summertime Edition Remedies – Anti-Chaffing Stick Treats Heat Rash, Poison Ivy Oatmeal Bath Recipe

With summertime in full swing Dr. Oz answered embarrassing questions that accompany outdoor fun.  Today Dr. Oz awkward questions  like “Is it okay to pee in a swimming pool” and how to treat heat rashes under your breasts.  While the questions may be embarrassing to talk about, Dr. Oz discusses the scientific reasons behind these awkward questions to help viewers understand embarrassing health questions that they are too afraid to ask their physician.

Why Do Some People Occasionally Get A Heat Rash?

Dr. Oz invited a guest from the audience to come to the stage to discuss her embarrassing health ailment that frequently occurs during the summer months.  She said that she often gets heat rashes underneath her breasts.  Dr. Oz said that this is a common skin condition that many women get during the summer.  He said that people often get a heat rash in areas of the body where there are folds in the skin.  This causes chaffing to occur because it prevents sweat from leaving the body and blocks off the pores in the skin.  As a result women often get a heat rash or small bumps under their breasts.Heat Rash Prevention and/or TreatmentDr. Oz said that there are some inexpensive remedies that can help to prevent or treat heat rashes.  The recommendations he gave were :

  • Anti-Chaffing Stick – Rub the chafing stick on your skin in the areas where heat rashes often occur.  Anti Chaffing sticks can help to prevent a heat rash from occurring or at least reduce it’s severity.
  • Calamine Lotion – Use calamine lotion if you already have a heat rash present.  The lotion will sooth the irritation and discomfort as well as treat the skin condition.

Is It Safe To Swim In A Pool That Someone Pees In?

When you swim at a public pool you likely are swimming in water that a child has peed in.  A woman came on to the stage to ask Dr. Oz if it is safe for her child to swim in a pool that has been peed in.  Dr. Oz said that the chlorine in the pool kills any germs in the urine and will keep the water sterilized, so yes it is safe for you or your children to swim in a pool after it has been peed in.

However, when someone poops in the pool it should be removed right away.  Dr. Oz said that most of the bacteria stays inside the poop but you shouldn’t swim for a half an hour after this happens and more chlorine should be added to the pool..  If someone has an accident and has diarrhea bacteria is more easily dispersed.  Dr. Oz said that you should remove your kids from the pool, increase chlorine in the water and refrain from swimming for the next 13 hours.

Poison Ivy Oatmeal Bath Recipe

Many people are allergic to poison ivy and can easily be spread to uncomfortable areas on your body.  If you are prone to getting poison ivy here is the oatmeal bath recipe that was shared on the show to help relieve the itching :

  • Finely grind 1 cup of oatmeal in a blende
  • Add to lukewarm water
  • Soak in the oatmeal bath for 30 minutes

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