Dr Oz, Anti-Diet Plan To Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days Without Exercise

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Dr. Oz and Lyn-Genet Recitas Talk About The Anti-Diet Plan To Lose 5 LBS in 3 Days

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The Anti-Diet Plan To Help You Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days Without Exercise!

Dr. Oz has started off the year talking about intriguing and cutting edge ways to lose weight.  On an earlier episode he talked about the Shred Diet and on today’s January 7 2013 episode Dr. Oz will be talking about the “Anti Diet Plan”.  Dr. Oz is going to set the record straight on what is making you fat and how you can lose weight long term.  You will be surprised to find out about some of the “healthy” foods that you thought were helping you shed pounds are actually making you gain weight!

January 7 2013 Guests Include :

  • Lyn – Genet Recitas
  • Dr. Suzanne Gilberg – Lenz
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hale
  • Dr. Frederic Brandt
  • Dr. Debra Jaliman

Anti-Diet Plan – Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days!

Sound too good to be true?  Dr. Oz invited Lyn-Genet Recitas on to his show to talk about the breakthrough “Anti-Diet” plan that will help you to not only lose weight, but lose it for good!  The best part of the anti-diet plan is that you don’t even have to exercise to lose the weight! Ok, that got me excited! If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, this is a show that you will want to tune into.. In case you miss the episode make sure you bookmark us and come back to the site.  We will be posting show reviews and recaps after the show has been aired.

Lyn – Genet Recitas has some interesting ideas on how to lose weight successfully.  She thinks losing weight has more to do with your body chemistry rather than the amount of calories you take in.  Dr. Oz will also be weighing in to answer your questions and to discuss how the Anti-Diet plan can be successful in helping you meet your weight loss goals.

Losing 5 pounds in 3 days does sound too good to be true, but we are excited about finding out all the details and we will be sure to provide recaps from the show.  5 LBs in 3 days without eating a “healthy” diet and without exercise?  There has to be a catch.  Tune in to tomorrow’s January 7 2013 show to see what the buzz is all about.

Update : The show has just been aired.. Here is how you Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days using the Anti-Diet Cleanse.  If that’s not good enough for ya, Dr. Oz also featured a segment about how to lose 10 pounds in 20 days!