Dr Oz, Antibiotic Resistant Red Meat & L-Carnitine Energy Drink Risks

Dr. Oz Talks About The “Superbugs” Found In Red Meat & Energy Drink Warnings

Dr. Oz dedicated the last half of today’s show talking about health risks from taking too much calcium and how red meat that you buy from grocery stores contain small amounts of antibiotics which may be raising your resistance to antibiotics intended to help treat you when you become sick.  Find out what steps that you should be taking to keep your family safe.  Dr. Oz also talks about energy drinks that contain L-Carnitine and why they may be harmful to your health.

Red Meat Health Risks To Your Heart

Doctors have believed for a long time (including Dr. Oz) that fat and cholesterol in red meat was to blame for heart damage.  Recent research suggests that there may be another culprit to blame.  L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring substance in red meat that can have harmful effects to your heart.  Ashley Koff (a dietitian) said that L-Carnitine affects each person differently, depending on the bacteria that they have in their body.  Ashley then went on to say that if you stop eating red meat for awhile you will starve the bacteria that it needs for survival.  Just doing this simple step can reduce your heart disease risk.

Tips On How To Reduce Your Consumption Of Red Meat

Dr. Michael Greger gave the following steps on today’s Dr. Oz to reduce your red meat intake :

The 3-R Steps

  • Reduce the amount of red meat that you consume by adopting a “meatless monday”
  • Replace red meat by choosing healthier alternatives.  Swap red meat for beans in the burritos you eat is a good example of how you can accomplish this.
  • Refine your consumption by making red meat your side dish rather than the main course.

L-Carnitine In Energy Drinks

L-Carnitine is an ingredient found in many energy drinks that are popular with kids and adults alike.  Dr. Greger told Dr. Oz that many of the popular energy drink brands contain the same amount of L-Carnitine as an 8 oz steak!  Dr. Greger also suggests that you should never take L-Carnitine supplements.  Dr. Oz agreed with Dr. Gregers assessment that you should avoid taking L-Carnitine supplements (that are often taken for weight loss).Create A Healthy Digestive System To Reduce Red Meat Health RisksDr. Oz and Ashley Koff (dietitian) both understand that many people aren’t going to just remove red meat from their diets.  Here are the suggestions that they made to create a healthy digestive system which will negate some of the risks that red meat imposes by improving your digestive system :

  • Eating acidic foods like lemons help to build an alkaline environment
  • Consume plant proteins
  • Take a probiotic

Antibiotic Resistant Super Bugs Found In Meat

If you purchase your meat in a supermarket you are likely consuming meat that has been injected with antibiotics, according to Heather White (from Environmental Working Group).  Dr. Urvashi Rangan said that animals are injected with antibiotics to promote growth and keep them healthy.  However, this has a harmful side effect.  The meat that you are purchasing in grocery stores contains small amounts of antibiotics.  The side effect of this is when you go to the doctor for antibiotics when you are sick, the meds may not be nearly as effective because your body has built up a resistance to antibiotics.  Here is a breakdown of the percentage of meats that may contain antibiotics :

    • 81 percent of ground turkey
    • 68 percent of pork chops
    • 55 percent of ground beef
    • 39 percent of chicken breasts, thighs, and wings

Tips To Avoid Meat That Doesn’t Contain “Super Bugs”

    • Buy meats that are labeled to say that they do not contain antibiotics
    • Buy USDA certified organic, certified humane, or animal welfare approved meats

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