Dr Oz, Antibiotics Weight Gain, Missing Microbes, Food Cravings

Dr. Oz 4-7-2014 – Could Antibiotics Be Causing Your Weight Gain?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Martin Blaser (and author of the book… Missing Microbes) on to the show to talk about antibiotics role in weight gain in society.  You may already be aware of how antibiotics given to chickens causes them to gain weight (in some cases doubling in size!)  Could antibiotics be having the same effect in people?

Antibiotics Increase Food Cravings For Unhealthy Foods

Dr. Blaser discovered during a lab experiment that mice in which were fed antibiotics gained 15% more weight than mice that weren’t given any antibiotics.  Dr. Oz included that many foods that we eat are full of antibiotics that could be causing the same weight gain in people.  He also said that overuse of antibiotics could be compounding the problem even further.

Antibiotics Causes Changes To Your Body Such As :

  • Changes the way in which you metabolize food.
  • Increases food cravings
  • Increases the number of fat cells

Overuse Of Antibiotics In Children Causes Weight Gain

Dr. Blaser’s studies concluded that children who were given antibiotics during the first six years of their life were larger than average by age 7.  These finding has Dr. Oz greatly concerned because children who are overweight by 7 often dictates how large they will be during their teen and adult years.Antibiotic RecommendationsDr. Oz said that antibiotics can save people’s lives but are all too often over-prescribed for medical conditions that they aren’t even effective for anyway (like for a cold virus)..  Here is what Dr. Oz suggested on today’s (April 7, 2014 episode).

  • Don’t take antibiotics if you are suffering from the common cold – They are unnecessary and don’t work anyway
  • If you need to take an antibiotic for a bacterial infection also take a probiotic supplement along with it.  Take the the probiotic for two weeks.

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