Dr. Oz, Antioxidant Warning, Vitamin A, C, E Supplements & Cancer Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About Antioxidant Risks and Vitamin Supplementation May Increase Risk For Certain Cancers

Could it be true that taking vitamin supplements could actually increase your risk for certain cancers?  Today Dr. Oz talked about recent studies that certain vitamins when taken in too high of dosages could actually be doing more harm too your body than good.  It’s hard to know what to believe when you read such conflicting recommendations so frequently..  Dr. Oz talked about the most recent studies and vitamin supplementation that we all should be aware of.  Also see the followup segment and see why traditional doctors and alternative medicine practitioners both agree that Ubiquinol is the antioxidant supplement that we should be taking.  It is naturally produced in the body but declines as we age.

Can Antioxidants Be Harmful In Large Doses?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Russell Greenfield on to the show to talk about this very topic.   Dr. Greenfield believes that we are “overdosing” on antioxidants and they ultimately have the reverse effect on your body that what is intended.  Dr. Greenfield said that he too used to believe that antioxidant supplements provided benefits but now is questioning everything he once thought.  He said that when you take antioxidant supplements you are actually getting rid of too many free radicals.  The healthiest choice is to get our antioxidants from fruits and veggies.

Dr. Russell Greenfield explained to Dr. Oz that all antioxdant supplements are not the same.  He believes that we should be reading the labels and to gain a greater understanding on how much antioxidants our body really needs.  He said some multivitamin supplements contain way too much antioxidants than what we need.

Vitamins In Supplement Form Link To Certain Cancers

Vitamin A Increases Cancer Risk For Smokers – Vitamin A provides our bodies with Beta Carotene.  While you would think this would be good for everyone, it is not so if you are a smoker.  Smokers that consume too much beta carotene can actually drive certain kinds of cancers.

Vitamin C – Dr. Greenfield said that there is very little reliable data that support the notion that Vitamin C in supplementation form will reduce the risk of cancer.  He said that we should be getting our vitamin C from food sources.  Fruits and many kinds of vegetables are great ways to fulfill your vitamin C needs.

Selenium – When taken as a supplement in high doses, Selenium can actually raise your risk for skin cancer by 25 percent.Antioxidants That Are Added To Highly Processed FoodsDr. Greenfield told Dr. Oz that he is very concerned about the all of the antioxidants that are being added to processed foods.  When you add this to also taking vitamin supplements you can be putting your health at risk.  Dr. Greenfield suggests staying away from processed foods.  Whole foods, fruits and veggies are the best way to get our nutritional needs.

Dr. Oz’s Recommendation :

Dr. Oz said that rather than buying a multivitamin supplement that contains high doses you should buy a low dosage multivitamin that will give you the same amounts of vitamins that you would get from eating a healthy diet.  After listening to the data that Dr. Greenfield shared on the show Dr. Oz lowered his Vitamin A recommendation to 2,500 IU’s daily.

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