Dr Oz, Are Fibroids Cancerous? Fibroid Risk Factors and Symptoms

Dr. Oz Talks About What Fibroids Are and If They Are Cancerous – Risk Factors and Symptoms

Today (September 9, 2013) Dr. Oz performed a segment on fibroids and what you should know about this condition.  Dr. Oz said that fibroids is very common in women and often this condition flies under the radar.  He said that many women have fibroids and not even know it.  He said most women who have fibroids begin to develop symptoms at around the age of 30.  Dr. Oz also talks about if Fibroids are cancerous and what risk factors you should be aware of.

Are Fibroids Cancerous?

When you first develop fibroids they are very small but can grow larger and hard and cause your problems.  Are fibroids cancerous?  Dr. Oz said that fibroids are not cancerous but can cause health problems.  Fibroids can grow in your body due to hormones.  A woman’s hormones begin to change in their 30’s and this is the time the fibroids may become a problem.

What Are Fibroid Risk Factors?

While fibroids are not cancerous they can still cause health ailments.  Are you at risk for getting fibroids?  Here are the risk factors that Dr. Oz gave during today’s episode :

  • African American Women are at 3 times the risk of developing fibroids
  • Genetic history – If your mother had fibroids you are at an increased risk of having them yourself
  • Being overweight

What Are The Symptoms Of Fibroids?

You can actually tell if you have fibroids by the sound of your pee.  Dr. Oz said that if you have a dripping sound when you pee it could be a sign that you have fibroids.  He also shared other symptoms to be looking out for if you are suspicious that you may have fibroids :

    • Bladder problems
    • Back pain
    • Heavy periods
    • Bloating
    • Pelvic pressure

Dr. Oz said that when you pee you should listen to the sound it makes.  If it makes a dripping / tinkling sound that is combined with the symptoms noted above it could be a sign of fibroids.

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