Dr Oz, Are There Dangerous Side Effects To HCG Shots? Ideal Candidate

Dr Oz Talks About Potentially Dangerous HCG Side Effects and Who Is An Ideal Candidate For HCG Injections

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Dr Oz asks Dr. Emma who is the ideal candidate for HCG.

Today Dr. Oz dedicated his show to talking about HCG Injections For Weight Loss.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Sheri Emma and Dr. Craig Primack about how HCG compares to other diets like The Atkins Diet.  Dr. Oz also has his concerns about the HCG diet because of the severe calorie restriction and potential loss of muscle mass.  Dr. Oz worries about people starving themselves while on a 500 calorie per day diet like this so he set out to find out the latest data on what research is saying about this controversial quick weight loss strategy.

Concerns About Low Calorie Restriction

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Sheri Emma about the low calorie restriction that people are suggested to follow while on the HCG diet.  Dr. Emma said that HCG (found in the placenta during a woman’s pregnancy) often causes a woman to lose their appetite and have nausea (morning sickness) during the first trimester of their pregnancy.  She said that HCG in smaller doses reduces a person’s hunger (without the nausea) while still retaining a person’s muscle mass.

How Do HCG Injections Compare To The Atkins Diet?

Dr. Craig Primack joined Dr. Oz on stage and he is of the opinion that HCG isn’t effective for weight loss.  He said that while the HCG hormone is being produced in the placenta during pregnancy women are gaining weight.  He said that it’s a stretch for him to believe that it will work to help you lose weight.  He believes that the drastic weight loss is because of the low calorie restriction.  He said that it is also low carb like the Atkins Diet.  He said people lose their hunger on the Atkins diet in much the same way as they do while on the HCG diet.  He believes that extremely low calorie diets should not be recommended for people trying to lose weight.  Dr. Primack specializes in obese people.  Instead of worrying about calories so much, he is more concerned with the nutrition that they are taking in while on their diet.

Are There Potential Dangerous Side Effects To Taking HCG Injections?

The FDA released a statement about possible side effects from HCG shots.  Dr. Oz shared them on the show and they are :

  • Depression
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Cardiac Arrest and Death

Dr. Sheri said that all prescription medications have side effects but she has never seen any serious side effects like were stated by the FDA.  She said that the more serious side effects are most likely to occur in someone that takes too high of a dosage.  She has her patients on a much lower dose.  She said that in her practice she has treated over one thousand patients with HCG.. In her opinion the potential risks are low.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Try HCG For Weight Loss?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Sheri Emma this question and she said that a great candidate for HCG injections would be a woman in her 40’s who has exhausted other methods to lose weight but nothing seems to help her lose those last 30 pounds that she wants to lose.