Dr Oz, Artichoke Extract Lowers Cholesterol, Bacopa Memory Booster

Dr. Oz Shares Anti-Aging Superstar Supplements – Artichoke Extract and  Bacopa

Today (December 18) Dr. Oz did a segment on “Anti-Aging Superstar” supplements.  To help him with this segment Dr. Oz invited Heidi Skolnik (dietician) on to the show to talk about the latest research on supplements that are receiving more and more attention from the medical community.  The talked about how artichoke extract supplements have shown that they can help to protect the liver while lowering your bad LDL cholesterol.  They also explained why the supplement called “Bacopa” can help to boost your memory and improve cognitive functioning.

Artichoke Extract Improves Digestion, Lowers “Bad” LDL Cholesterol and Protects Your Liver

Who would have known that the extracts from artichokes could provide such beneficial protection from ailments that protect so many.  Here are the health benefits and recommendations that were given on today’s Dr. Oz :

Lower your LDL Cholesterol – Take 325 mg per day of an Artichoke Extract Supplement to help lower your bad cholesterol.  However, they did say that you shouldn’t take it for more than 23 months at a time.

Protection For Your Liver – Use an Artichoke Extract Tincture for liver protection.  Take 6 ml 3 times per day.  You can add the tincture to your juice, yogurt, or any other food that you prefer to mix it with.

Improves DigestionArtichoke Tea can help to keep your digestive system healthy.  Drink a cup of Artichoke Tea daily to help with any digestion orders that you may be experiencing.

Bacopa Improves Your Memory

Have you noticed that your memory isn’t quite as sharp as it once was?  Bacopa supplements may be your answer to help give you that memory boost that you need.  Dr. Oz recommended bacopa as a way to help improve your brain function and even ward off Dementia and Alzheimers.

  • Take 100 mg of a Bocopa Supplement two times each day to receive memory boosting benefits.

Do You Know Your “Pulse Pressure”

Your pulse pressure can put you at an increased risk for Alzheimer’s Disease in the future.  So, how do you find your pulse pressure?  All you do is have your blood pressure taken.  You then subtract the top number from the blood pressure reading with the bottom number.  This is your pulse number.  Ideally your pulse pressure should be below 40.

Did you know?

Brushing your teeth with your opposite hand is a challenging exercise for your brain?  Dr. Oz said that simply brushing your teeth with your opposite (weaker) hand can ward off memory loss by two years.  He suggested that you should try this exercise regularly to keep your brain sharp.

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