Dr. Oz, Artificial Sweetener Addiction, Milk Product Labeling

Artificial Sweeteners Being Added To Milk Products On Dr. Oz Episode

Have you ever thought that there could be artificial sweeteners in milk products? Dr. Oz discussed this issue on his April 1 episode.  How should you read the labels and what should you be aware of so you can protect your family?

According to Dr. Oz, the dairy industry the FDA has petitioned the FDA to add artificial sweeteners to milk.   To help him with this portion of today’s episode Dr. Oz invited Cary Frye of the National Dairy  Foods Association on to the show.   She said the dairy industry is seeking out more options for adding low calorie sweeteners to its dairy products.  The petition only applies to dairy products that contain a sweetener like eggnog and flavored milk (like strawberry or chocolate milk).  The dairy industry would like to be allowed more “sweetener” options other than honey or sugar.

Milk Labeling

There is a competition that is going on between sport drinks, low calorie soda’s and other companies in the same industry.  Cary Frye believes that there should be more flexibility when it comes to labeling milk products. Is it all about increasing sales?  Many believe so..  Cary Frye says that it’s true that the dairy industry would naturally like to increase sales but it’s hard for them to compete with other low calorie drinks because the have less labeling restrictions.

Artificial Sweeteners In Dairy Products

As of now dairy products need to be labeled if any type of sweetener is added to a product that they produce.  The dairy industry would like to change that so artificial sweeteners can be added without any sort of disclosure on the label.  This would force you to read the ingredient labels to find out what is actually the dairy product that you consuming. Dr. Oz doesn’t think that this is acceptable. There are many artificial sweeteners that Dr. Oz doesn’t feel is healthy and removing labeling restrictions would not be a good idea.

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