Dr Oz, Ashwagandha for Sleep, Ginger Tea for Anxiety, Rhodiola – Mood

Dr. Oz Talks About Supplements For Sleep, Anxiety, Mood, and Immune System

Today (March 3, 2014) Dr. Oz talked about mental health conditions in America and natural alternatives to prescription medications for sleeping problems, anxiety, stress, depression, and mood.  Listed below are the natural alternatives for these these mental health conditions that affect so many.

Dr Oz: Ashwagandha Supplement to Help You Sleep

Most of us have trouble sleeping from time to time, but for some chronic insomnia, having trouble falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep can cause havoc on day to day life.  It’s hard to function in society when you are chronically tired.  Sleeping difficulties will increase your stress and can even leave you feeling depressed.  Dr. Oz invited Mary Sabo on to the show to talk about some natural supplements to confront all of these medical issues.

Ashwagandha – This supplement is for people who struggle with stress and anxiety.  It is a herb that helps to calm your system down so you can relax and fall asleep with ease at night.  Mary Sabo said that Ashwagandha benefits sleep because it helps to lower and regulate cortisol levels (often called the stress hormone).  She said that this supplement isn’t a sedative so you can take it every day.  Here are her dosage and preparation recommendations that she gave on the show :
  • Take 500 milligrams in the morning when you get up and take it once again at night before you go to bed.
  • You can also add 1 tsp of Ashwagandha powder to smoothies or other beverages.  Mary suggested adding a tsp of Ashwagandha to a smoothie in the morning to start your day and to a glass of warm milk before you wind down for bed.

Ginger Helps To Regulate Cortisol Levels

The benefits of ginger are far reaching, but she really likes ginger for how it helps to manage stress.  She explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that ginger helps to calm down your nervous system because it regulates your cortisol levels.  She suggested either adding some grated ginger to your soups and salads or drinking some Ginger Tea.  Try adding a little honey to sweeten up the taste!

Rhodiola For Mood Swings

Now that you know the supplements that can help to help you sleep and ease your anxiety, the next mental health ailment that was discussed was mood swings.  Mary explained that Rhodiola is an excellent natural supplement for people who become depressed when they get stressed out.  She said that Rhodiola improves your mental clarity.  Here are the dosages that she recommended for mood and depression :

  • Take 100 milligrams of Rhodiola two times per day.  Take one supplement with breakfast and another one with lunch.

Take note that Rhodiola can stimulate the central nervous system.  This is why Mary Sabo doesn’t suggest taking it after lunch.

Boost Your Immune System With Astragalus Supplements

Keep your immune system working at optimal levels with an Astragalus Tincture supplement.

  • Add 30 drops of astragalus tincture under your tongue or mix it into a glass of water.  Take a dose in the morning and anther one before you go to bed to keep your immune system strong.

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