Dr Oz, Does Aspirin Prevent Cancer, Slow Spread? Dosage, Ovarian Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About Recent Research About If Aspirin Can Reduce Cancer Risk and Slow The Spread Of Cancer

Most people have a bottle of aspirin sitting in their medicine cabinet.  Is it possible that aspirin could actually reduce your risk and even be able to prevent certain types of cancer?  Dr. Oz talks about recent promising research that shows that aspirin may help to prevent ovarian cancer and even slow the spread of other types of cancers.  During this segment on today’s April 8th show, Dr. Oz talks about the latest findings about aspirin and cancer prevention, dosage, and who should (or shouldn’t) be taking aspirin.

Does Aspirin Lower Your Risk of Getting Ovarian Cancer?

Dr. Oz said that there has been some promising research that has been don that suggests that taking a low dose aspirin each day can reduce your risk for ovarian cancer and lower your risk from other types of cancers.  New studies show that taking an aspirin each day can lower your risk by 20%.  Here are the other findings that were discovered :

  • Aspirin can lower the spread of cancer by up to 36%
  • Aspirin reduces death risk by 37%

Dr. Oz invited Beth Karlan on to the show to share some of this exciting cancer research that has been done.  Dr. Karlin said that it is best to begin an aspirin regimen before you have completed menopause to reduce your risk of ovarian cancer.  However, older women will receive benefits as well.

Women Who Are At A Higher Risk Of Getting Ovarian Cancer

  • Women who have had children before have a lower risk against ovarian cancer.
  • Those who have a family history of this disease is at greater risk
  • Infertility increases risk for Ovarian cancer
  • History of Endometriosis

Who Should Not Take Aspirin

Dr. Beth Karlan said that the following groups should not take an aspirin each day :

      • Risk of stroke
      • History of Gastritis
      • Bleeding tendency

Dr. Beth Karlan encouraged viewers that they should speak with their physician before undergoing an aspirin regimen.

What Dosage Levels Should You Take For Cancer Protection?

      • 1 low dose Aspirin each day
      • Take your dose with food and avoid taking on an empty stomach

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