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Dr Oz : 3 Things You Can Do To Live Longer – Aspirin, Eating Schedule, and Moving!

Dr. Oz invited health and healing guru Dr. David Agus on to the show to talk about 3 things that you can do today to help you live a longer and healthier life.  Some view David Agus as a controversial healer, but many call him a visionary in the field of medicine.  Agus is the author of the book The End of Illness and he feels that there are many methods that all of us can be doing to live longer!  Three things he talks about during this segment is that aspirin can help prevent cancer and ward off heart attacks.  Eating on a regular schedule and getting up to move frequently throughout the day is very important.

You Should Eat, Sleep, and Work On A Regular Schedule

dr oz, hand timer, 3 things to live longer, david agus

Dr Oz Talks With David Agus – 3 Things To Live Longer – Aspirin, Get Up and Move, and Regular Eating Schedules!

David Agus made his argument to Dr. Oz that we should sleep, eat, and work on the same schedule each day.  When you aren’t following a set schedule it adds stress on to your body.  Dr. David Agus said that your muscles don’t work as well and you can’t think as well either.  Setting a scheduled bed time is beneficial to the body and mind.  Dr. Oz chimed in and asked what about the people have irregular schedules that they can’t really control.  Agus said to plan ahead for the irregularity.  He made the example of preparing your lunch in advance so you can eat at the same time each day.  He said that this will help to regulate your stress hormones in your body.  He said that the added stress put on our body from an irregular routine can be damaging over long term.

I’m really interested in what everybody’s opinion is on this.  Be sure to stop by our anti-aging forum to discuss this topic in deeper detail.  My schedule is incredibly erratic..  Maybe I should implement a little more structure in my life?

Aspirin Prevents Cancer and Wards Off  Heart Attacks

Dr. Oz and David Agus both agree that taking a daily aspirin can help to  reduce cancer deaths by 30 percent.  That seems significant enough for me to start being more consistent about taking an aspirin a day. I know that in show’s from the past Dr. Oz recommends 80 mg’s of aspirin a day.  That is the size of a baby aspirin.

Get Moving! Sitting For 5 Hours A Day Is Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

Dr. Oz and David Agus both were in agreement that we all need to get up and start moving more.  Even while your at work, you can do exercises to keep the blood flowing!

This next part of the segment really caught my attention..  If you exercise at the gym in the morning but then sit for 5 hours a day it is equivalent to smoking more than a pack of cigarettes a day..  Really? Sitting is worse than smoking 1 1/4 packs of cigarettes? That is hard for me to comprehend..  What is everyone’s opinion on this statement?  Please share in our Anti-Aging Forums..  David Agus said that we need to get up and move throughout the day to keep our lymphatic system working efficiently.  The lymphatic system is what controls our immune system.  When we get up and move and use our muscles helps our lymphatic system to function as it should.  Ok, I guess that makes some sense.

Dr. Oz also shared another startling statistic that I must admit worried me a bit.  If you are sitting down for more than six hours a day your chances of dying earlier rise dramatically.

Ok, now that I’ve learned these new startling revelations about not moving enough, excuse me while I go walk around the block!  Please chime in on our message boards and let us know what your opinion is!