Dr Oz, Avoid Proprietary Blend Vitamins, Centrum Flavor Burst

Are Your Vitamins Safe? Centrum Flavor Burst Review

Dr. Oz closed today’s show to talk about vitamins and supplements and if the consumer is getting what they are paying for. With the help of Consumer Labs they investigated some well known vitamin companies to find out what is really in the supplements that you are buying.  Also be sure to check out the accompanying segment that talks about generic drugs you should avoid & prescription filling guidelines that patients should follow.

Avoid Vitamins That Say “Proprietary Blend”

Dr. Cooperman said that you should avoid vitamins or supplements that contain the buzz words “proprietary blend” or “proprietary formula”.  The reason is that labels that say “proprietary blend” usually means that they are not disclosing ingredients and are probably hiding something.

Make Sure Your Vitamins Are Inspected By A Third Party

Dr. Cooperman said to read the labels on your supplements to see if they have been inspected by a third party such as USP or Consumer Labs to be sure that the vitamins that you are taking contain what they say they do.

Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Tod Cooperman on to the show.  He is the president of consumerlab.com and was asked to research many of the top vitamin companies.  What they found is shocking.  40 percent of vitamin companies failed consumerlab’s testing.  Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst for instance contained 2 1/2 times the RDA of vitamin A in retinol form.  Consuming too much vitamin A can be toxic and can cause weakening of your bones.  Some of the potential risks that they found were vitamins that contained too much or too little of a vitamin listed.  Some vitamins were contaminated with heavy metals (including lead).

Calcium Supplements That Contain High Levels Of Lead

One particular test result that was alarming to Dr. Oz was calcium supplements that contain high levels of lead.  One brand that Dr. Cooper mentioned was Pure Essence Labs Super D-K Calcium Plus Powder.  This brand contained one mcg of lead per scoop.  So, is 1 microgram an alarming amount of lead?  Dr. Cooperman said that California requires products to have a warning on the label if it contains half of that amount.  He said that lead can accumulate in your bones and replaces the calcium in your body.  Too much lead can cause many physical ailments such as memory problems and brain damage.

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