Dr Oz, Avoid These Generic Drugs, Prescription Filling Guidelines

Generic Drugs Versus Brand Name Drugs On Dr. Oz? Which Generic Drugs You Should Avoid!

Most prescription drugs have a generic brand that is much cheaper, but are they as effective and are they safe?  Today Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Tod Cooperman to talk about what is really in your vitamins and supplements.  During this segment Dr. Cooperman talked about generic drugs vs name brand drugs and what every consumer should know before they make a decision on which brand to buy.

Is There Really A Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Prescription Drugs?

The difference in price between generic and name brand drugs can be quite dramatic. However, is the cheaper brand worth the risks that may be involved? Dr. Oz said that generic brands are not necessarily as effective as their name brand counterparts.  Dr. Cooperman said that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has more lenient guidelines that generic drugs have to abide by.  He also said that the quality can differ among generic brands so you really can’t be certain that they are as effective.  When you buy a name brand you can be certain that you are getting 100 percent of what you are supposed to absorb.  Generic drugs may only offer 80 percent absorption and refills may give you and entirely different absorption rate.

Avoid These Generic Drugs

Dr. Cooperman said that you should avoid buying the generic form of certain medications.  You should avoid the generic versions of the medications listed below because they are drugs that need to be absorbed at a particular level.  If you are receiving too much the drug can be toxic and if you aren’t absorbing enough they may not be effective (which can be dangerous.)

  • Blood pressure medications
  • Asthma meds
  • Thyroid Medications
  • Anti-seizure drugs
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Blood thinners

Prescription Filling Guidelines That You Should Follow

Dr. Oz and Dr. Cooperman put together a prescription filling guidelines that people should follow for both generic and brand name drugs.

    • When purchasing extended release drugs it is better that you choose brand name medications.  Dr. Cooperman said that the reason for this is that extended release rates may vary amongst generic versions.
    • Find out the manufacturer for generic meds – The reason you should do this is that there could be many different versions of the same drug.  However, if you find a manufacturer that was effective for you you can ask for that particular manufacturer when you go in to the pharmacy to refill your medication.
    • Find out to see if an “authorized generic” exists – Dr. Tod Cooperman explained that that means that a pharmaceutical company kept manufacturing a drug but labeled it using a different name.
    • When you switch from a name brand drug to a generic drug monitor yourself for 30 days – For a month following a conversion to a generic version you should closely monitor yourself to see how it is affecting you because generic drugs aren’t held to the same standards as name brand meds.

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