Dr Oz, Ayurvedic Digestion Aid, Statin Drug, Thyroid Food Interaction

Dr. Oz Talks About Ayurvedic Digestion Aids and What Foods  You Should Avoid If You Take Statin Drugs or Thyroid Medications

Did you know that certain foods can interact negatively with some cholestrol and thyroid prescription medications?  Today (November 12, 2013) Dr. Oz did a segment about foods you should avoid if you are currently taking statin drugs or thyroid medications.

Avoid Grapefruit If You Take Statin Drugs

Statin Drugs are used to treat people who have high cholesterol.  Grapefruits block enzymes in your body that are need to break down the Statin.  The buildup of statins in your body can cause serious problems like kidney failure.

Avoid Garlic If You Are Taking Blood Thinners

Garlic is a natural blood thinner which is a good thing.  But of you are taking blood thinning medications it can cause your blood to be too thin and put you at risk for internal bleeding.  If you notice that you bruise easily and have been eating garlic while on blood thinners it could be a sign that you should reduce your garlic consumption.

Thyroid Medication Food Interactions : Walnuts

The next food interaction with prescription medications Dr. Oz talked about was Walnuts.  Eating too much walnuts can interact with thyroid meds because the type of fiber that it contains can bind to they thyroid medication and prevent it from getting absorbed into the intestines.Dr. Oz recommended that you should wait 4 hours after you take thyroid medications before you consume any walnuts.

Ayurvedic Digestion Aids – Cumin, Coriander and Fennel

Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Nita Desai about Ayurvedic digestion aids.  Dr. Desai said that cumin, coriander, and fennel spices can help to aid your digestion.    Dr. Desai also suggested squeezing lemon juice over a slice of fresh ginger to help aid your digestion.

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