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Dr. Oz April 24, 2014 Topic : Bad Habits That Can Be Making You Sick and Disease Protection Tips

Dr. Oz, disease prevention, grocery store bad habits, bad health habits

Dr. Oz talks with medical experts about disease prevention and bad habits people frequently make.

Dr. Oz will be inviting on disease detective experts such as Dr. Richard Besser, best selling author / dietician Frances Largeman-Roth, and fitness guru Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser to talk about disease protection and bad habits that many people do that may be making them sick.  Learn tips from America’s most influential health experts to live the healthiest life as possible.  On April 24, 2013 Dr. Oz and his panel of experts will be answering common health questions and bad habits you may be making without even realizing it.

Bad Health Questions Answered

Can you actually die from a broken heart? Can holding your bladder cause you to get sick? Do you buy groceries that you know do not add any nutritional value to you or your family?  Dr. Oz will be inviting Dr. Richard Besser to talk about common health questions that many people have all across the country.

Grocery Store Bad Habits

Dietician & best selling author, Frances Largeman-Roth will be talking with Dr. Oz on the 4-20-2013 program to talk about common grocery store mistakes that may of us make without even realizing it.  Frances will be talking about which foods that you should be adding to your grocery store and common food mistakes that people make that could be making you sick.  Learn how you can prevent disease and sickness simply by avoiding bad dietary habits.

Bob Harper (Fitness Guru From The Biggest Loser) Weight Loss Tips

Bob Harper, the popular fitness guru from “The Biggest Loser” will be appearing on the show to talk about his plan to help you lose weight on his revolutionary 3 week weight loss plan.  He will be sharing weight loss tips to help get you over the hump so you can finally reach your weight loss goals.Here is the list of all the medical experts that will be appearing on the April 24, 2013 program :

  • Dr. Richard Besser
  • Dr. Jessica Shepherd
  • Dr. Keri Peterson
  • Dr. Harry Fisch
  • Frances Largeman-Roth, RD
  • Bob Harper

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