Dr Oz, Are Beards Healthy? Coconut Oil For Smooth n Soft Beards

Dr. Oz Talks With The Duck Dynasty Cast About Their Beards

Duck Dynasty is the hottest reality show on television, so Dr. Oz invited the cast of the show to talk about health and family related topics.  In the prior segment the Duck Dynasty boys participated in a “Real or Quack” trivia challenge.  They talk about the health benefits of pickle juice and if honey does indeed help to heal wounds.  During this segment Dr. Oz changed to topic to the men’s beards and if there are any health benefits for a man to grow a beard.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Growing A Beard?

The Duck Dynasty are well known for their long beards and more than likely have played a big role in bringing the popularity of beards back again.  Dr. Oz showed some before and after images of the men from Duck Dynasty and the crowd was quite amazed at how different they look.  From clean shaven to long flowing beards.  So, are there any health benefits associated with having a beard?  You may be surprised to know that there are several healthy benefits to having a beard!

  • Beards protect your face from sunburns and also block out UV rays
  • Beards keep your face moisturized (is this why when a man who has had a beard for many years and finally decides to shave it off usually seems to have extremely smooth skin?)
  • Absorbs pollen.  Men with beards don’t have as much asthma related symptoms

Dr. Oz said that a man’s testicles actually plays a large role in hair growth.  A man with a full beard has more testosterone receptors in his body.

Coconut Oil For Smooth and Soft Beards

Most people agree that if a man decides to have a beard it looks much better when it is well groomed and looks clean.  Coconut oil is a great way to treat the beard and help to keep it soft and looking clean.  The coconut oil will soften the beard so it is softer and not as course feeling.  All you need to do is apply the coconut oil to your beard just like you would shampoo your hair.  It will also give the beard a fresh and clean coconut scent.

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