Dr Oz, Belly Bloat Jean Test, Reduce Bloating Tips, Ginger Chews + Fennel

Dr. Oz Talks About Tips To Reduce Belly Bloat

Have you been in a life long struggle with belly bloating with your weight (and waistline)?  If so, today’s (October 14) Dr. Oz Show was for you.  Dr. Oz and Robynne Chutkan shared tips on how to reduce your bloating.  Take the “Belly Bloat Jeans Test” to find out if it is truly fat around your midsection or if you are simply bloated.  Also find out why ginger chews and fennel seed are great natural remedies can help to conquer your belly bloat once and for all.

Take The Jeans Test To See If you Have “Belly Fat or Belly Bloat”

Dr. Oz said that there is a simple self test to take to see if you have a bloating problem or excess belly fat.  All you need is a pair of jeans!

Jeans Test – If your jeans fit well in the morning but are too tight in the evening you are bloated.  If you can’t fit into your jeans once you roll out of bed in the morning it is because you have too much belly fat.

Causes of bloating

belly bloat test, bloating

Dr. Oz and Dr. Robynne Chutkan talks about how to reduce belly bloat.

While some foods do indeed cause bloating, there are some other culprits that you may have never thought of that may cause you to go up two dress sizes!

Talking on the phone – You can take in too much air by talking on the phone.

Chewing gum – Chewing too much gum can cause you to gain two dress sizes because of bloating

Sport drinks – Sports drinks containing too much sugar or sugar substitutes can increase your waistline.  For example, “Sorbitol” which is found in many sports drinks can ferment in the colon and cause gas and bloating.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan Tips To Reduce Belly Bloat

Dr. Oz invited  Robynne Chutkan (author of Gutbliss) on to the show to talk about why women suffer from bloating more than men do.  Robynne said that a woman’s digestive tract is significantly different than a mans.  She said that the female colon is 5 inches longer than a man’s and is curvier.  This causes the food that women to eat to take longer to get through the colon.  Air pockets can also cause a disruption in food getting through the colon.  However, Robynne Chutkan explained to Dr. Oz that a woman can get rid of her bloating problems once and for all in only 1o days!

Natural solutions to reduce bloating :

Take the above remedies before each meal to reduce belly bloat

Eat Your Biggest Meal At Lunch Rather Than Dinner

Traditionally most people eat their largest meal during dinner.  Robynne Chutkan explained to Dr. Oz that digestion slows at night so eating your largest meal during the day is a better choice.

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