Dr Oz, Belly Fat From Stress, Relora, Anxiety Aromatherapy Inhaler

Dr Oz – Stress Causes Belly Fat & Reduce Anxiety With Relora and Aromatherapy Inhalers

Today Dr. Oz talked about his 4 Step Flat Belly Plan to help you whittle away stress, reduce bloating, inflammation, and belly fat.  During this segment he talks about stress (which cases belly fat) and what you can do to decrease stress and anxiety in your life.

Stress Is The Leading Cause of Belly Fat

Many people don’t associate stress with being the culprit behind their belly fat.  Dr. Oz said that there is sound science and studies that support the fact that most diets aren’t successful because of the stress hormone called “cortisol”.  Dr. Shawn Talbott (who was assisting Dr. Oz in this segment) said that can’t just avoid stress in your life.  You can however lower the cortisol levels that is keeping you from losing that unwanted belly fat.

A Supplement Called Relora Reduces Stress

Many people feel stressed out the first moment that they roll out of bed in the morning.  Many of us are running around the house getting ready for work and rushing the kids off to school or the days activities.  Dr. Talbott said that you should try to lower your cortisol levels first thing in the morning.. It is important because cortisol sends signals to the brain telling us that we are hungry.  Lower the cortisol and you will lower your hunger and reduce your waistline.  Relora supplements help to lower your cortisol levels.  Here are the recommendations that were suggested on Dr. Oz :

  • Take in the morning
  • 250 MG 3 times per day
  • Costs approximately $13 at  health food stores

Aromatherapy Inhalers Reduce Anxiety

Our stress and cortisol levels spike during the afternoon.  Aromatherapy helps to lower your stress.  You can use aromatherapy inhalers any time during the day when you are feeling stress.  Try Earth Solutions Stress Aromatherapy Inhaler and reduce the anxiety in your life.  Aromatherapy inhalers are inexpesive and can be found for less than $10 online or in many health stores.

Tart Cherry Juice Reduces Stress

Drinking tart cherry juice in the evening is a great way to reduce stress.  People are still wound up from the day and then they have added stresses of preparing dinner, taking care of the kids, evening chores etc… Tart cherry juice contains a natural source of of melatonin.  Drink 1 glass each evening before bed.  Tart cherry juice is inexpensive and found in many health food stores.

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